Friday, January 9, 2015

CC day 2 ANNNNND 3!!!

Soooooo Thursday morning started WAAAAAAY to early for me!!! I didn't go to bed til 4:30 am the night before...first I couldn't stop talking to Marissa...LOL...she said it was fine she didn't mind hearing me talk buuuuuut I told her NO if she didn't make me, my mouth would just keep going...LOL...Dejavu of the first night at WCC!!! 
Anywayz, even after Marissa fell asleep I couldn't fall asleep... My mind was running in a million different directions!!! Now Angel on the other hand is pretty much ASLEEP when they say, "Your ALL DISMISSED!!!" BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Looooove you ANGEL!!! PURRRRRR!!!
Anywayz, LONG STORY SHORT, I was TIRED Thursday morning!!!
Bro. Lackey preached that morning tho an AMAZING message about falling in love with The Word Of God!!! The message was SOOOO good Bishop Abbott BOUGHT cds of it for EVERY SINGLE YOUNG PERSON THERE THAT WANTED A COPY!!! I highly recommend this message to EVERYONE!!!

 After service it was of course TIME TO EAT!!! We were heading with everyone over to Fuddruckers, buuuuuuuuuut HAPPENED to pass an Oreganos on the way over and our van IMMEDIATLEY made a U TURN!!!! BAHAHAHAHA!!! No one was really feeling it for burgers at the moment and PLUS Marissa and Angel REALLY wanted to go to places that they don't have in Cali!!!
That night, Marissa and Angel decided on the spur of the moment to sing in the singspiration that night!!! I was super, super, SUPERRRR excited about this!!! Even while they had practiced singing in the room I was feeling choked up! They decided to sing to sing "If you had known me before I knew him!" And I had made them both tell me their testimonies of how they and their families got in church, so hearing them singing that song REALLY touched me!!! Plus I just really LOVE hearing people's testimonies!!! You look at these two girls and you would think they had grown up in church their WHOLE entire lives...that's THE BEAUTY OF HOLINESS!!!
Anywayz, LONG STORY SHORT it was their first time singing together and I was SUPERRRR proud of them!!! Of course I recorded it on my phone and have been listening to it everyday!!!!
 That night Bro. Frazier preached about HELL!!! It was a CONVICTING message about not living our lives in a false of security!!! If our hearts aren't right with God don't think that your ok! You don't want to go to hell! Let the preacher preach to you! He's not being mean, he's TRYING to save YOUR SOUL FROM HELL!!! It was an AMAZING alter call...People were running to the alter and you could just hear the crys of God's people crying out to him!!!
ANGELIC MOMENT!!! Sooo Friday morning Angel woke up looking for glasses...then she's like, LOOK I FOUND THEM!!! They were tangled in her hair!!! AHAHAHA!!! Me and Mariss were laughing our heads off!!!
I had to get a pic to RECORD the moment!!!
Me and JAYNE!!!Anywayz, LONG STORY SHORT, I pretty much FREAKED out when I saw her hair!!! LOOOOOOVED IT!!! annnnnnnnnd of course she let me BOING her JELLY HANNA!!! ;P
That night we went and ate at CHEESECAKE FACTORY!!!! It may be a chain buuuuuut you just can't go wrong with CHEESECAKE FACTORY!!!! Anywayz, LONG STORY SHORT, That night, I managed to go to bed by 2 am...WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!
Soooooooo I felt like I had gotten A LOT of sleep by the time it was morning...goooood thing to cuz Anywayz, LONG STORY SHORT, Bro. Andrew asked our church to praise sing with him on the spur of the moment...I was SUPERRRR NERVOUS...tripped going onto the platform...BAHAHA...buuuuut I didn't ACTUALLY fall soooo yeah its all good and everything went WELL!!! Praise the Lord and THANK YOU JESUS!!!
Me and Miss Mariss!!!
For lunch we went to La Hacienda...Anywayz, LONG STORY SHORT, it was superrr goooood and once again a brand new place for these Cali girls!!! I got the chicken flautas!!!
 When we went back to the hotel Angel and I went to find a computer outlet for her to charge her phone...we found STULTZ studying to preach for fresh first that night!!! Anywayz, LONG STORY SHORT, For some odd reason he OFFERED to let Angel's phone charge with him and then he would just bring it to our room...I have NO IDEA WHY, he didn't want us to stay up there while it charged and HELP HIM STUDY...NO CLUE!!! Hee, hee!!!
Anywayz, LONG STORY SHORT he did an AWESOME job, despite us NOT HELPING HIM!!! He preached about thirsting for God and he talked about how no one get a thirst for the things of God FOR YOU, you have to get it for yourself!!!
I do just HAPPEN to have it recorded on my phone if any of you girls out there happen to be THIRSTY!!!!;))))  Hee, hee, HEEEEEE!!! For a minimal fee I may be able to get you a drink!!! ;))))
Me and Miss Jayne again!!! WE MATCHED!!!
 Jayne immediately became friends with Marissa and Angel...Anywayz, LONG STORY SHORTwhat can I say, I have good taste, EVERYONE ALWAYS LOVES MY FRIENDS!!!
  Now its time for the BANQUET!!!
 here are the newly engaged couple for LPC!!! Congrats Tommy and Kelsey!!!
Anywayz, LONG STORY SHORT, We had such a blast together...Makin memories...good times, good times!!!
Annnnnnd thank God that Angel and I have such a PREPARED and SHARING roommate because at both WCC ANNNND CC we both forgot our SHAMPOO AND TOOTH PASTE and Marissa's like its ok I GOT IT!!! I'm like YES, THANK YOU!!! I'd be like, Oh I forgot my shampoo! She's like its ok I have some and Angels already using it too!!! Then Angel's like, oh I forgot my toothpaste, she's like, its ok, I have some, Marys already using it too!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! Anywayz, LONG STORY SHORT, I'm thankful for a PREPARED FRIEND!!!
 Then after the banquet, of COURSE we did our annual, hang out in the lobby!!!Anywayz, LONG STORY SHORT, It got SUPERRRR FUNNNNN when the guys helped me put together the SELFIE STICK I had gotten for Christmas!!! Seriously, now that I have that thing, MY WHOLE WORLD HAS CHANGED!!! Classic Mary Moments will NEVERRRR be the same again!!! Purrrrr to all that helped put it together!!!
 After it was put together, the guys got kind of wild with it!!!
 They went around taking random pics of anyone and EVERYONE!!!
 The whole time saying, SMILE, this is a BLOGGABLE MOMENT!!! SMILE!!! BAHAHAHAHA!!!
 They even had me take a selfie with the clerk at the front desk!!! LOLOL She actually thought it was pretty cool annnnd I mean, really WHO WOULDN'T think it was COOL to get a SELFIE with ME?!?!?!?!?
If you just read that and thought to yourself, I WOULDN'T THINK IT WAS COOL!!! Weeeeeellll its probably because YOUR BORING ANNNNND NOT COOL!!! Jus sayin!!! Anywayz, LONG STORY SHORT, it was a fuuuuuuuuuuuun, laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate night!!!!
And that my friends is THE END OF CONQUEROR'S CONFERANCE 2014/2015!!!
Annnnnd if your wondering what the whole LONG STORY SHORT deal is, i'll just say, to make the LONG STORY SHORT, that its an inside joke with Marissa an Angel!!! BAHAHAHA!!!
Anywayz, LONG STORY SHORT, As Marissa told me to quote her on New Years Eve when it was snowing on us..."I have a feeling that 2015 is going to be a magical year!" I TOTALLY AGREE...even tho I don't believe in MAGIC...jus sayin...BAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!
♥Mary Frances :)
I guess I'll say a MIRACULOUS year... it already has been... my mom hurt her knee and couldn't even stand for three days...buuuuut GOD HEALED her and she can NOW stand again...THANK YOU JESUS!!! I'm believing for my mom that by the end of the year she'll be walking again...SHE has TOO...I want her to help walk me down the aisle when I get married!!!