Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Dialing a MARY MOMENT!!!

Soooooo tonight after church, there was a MARY MOMENT!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! Okaaaaaaay so this is what happened, I'm standing there talking to Stultz when all of the sudden I hear this phone dialing noise coming from my pocket...Stultz was like, Is that your phone?!
I'm OH YEAH, I think it is!!! I so pull my phone out of my pocket and check to see WHO I pocket dialed, I'm like Oh its MY MOM!!! Soooo then we hear over the speaker phone, HELLO?! MARY?! HELLO!!! I'm like OH MOM, its ME, MARY! Sorry it was an ACCIDENT!!! She's like, WHAT?! WHERE?! WHAT HAPPENED?! 
I'm like, NOOOO MOM, the phone call, IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!!! She's like yelling thru the phone, MARY!!! ARE YOU OK??? Stultz is like laughing, i'm like LAUGHING and trying to think of ANOTHER word besides ACCIDENT!!! Liiiiiike HELLO, where's my mental THESAURUS???
Finally, i'm like, OMW!!! NOOOOO MOOOOOOM, its a MISTAKE!!! THE PHONE CALL WAS A MISTAKE!!! She's like, OooooooH!!!! At this point Stultz was laughing soooo hard he's like, well YOU KNOW, it IS VERY BELIEVABLE!!! I'm like, WHATEVERRRRR!!! AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!! What can I say,
They're just a PHONE CALL AWAY!!!
♥Mary Frances :)