Thursday, January 15, 2015

New teachers!!!

Wednesday night Bible classes has NEW TEACHERS this year!!! Bro. Seth and Sis. Alyssa!!! I am super, super, SUPERRRR  excited about this!!!! And guess WHO their helper is??? YES, yours TRUELY!!! I soooooooooo LOOOOOOVE being THE HELPER!!! I would much rather assist then be IN CHARGE!!!
Sooooo last night was the first night and it was superrrr HILARIOUS!!! It was more of a meet and greet night but it was really fun for the kids!!! Soooooo I can't remember everything that even happened buuuuut the thing that specifically sticks out in my mind is that at the end we were going around telling one thing that people did NOT already know about you!!!
 So it's Prince's turn and he says, Ummmmm, I'm FUNNY!!! I'm like, OK something we don't ALREADY KNOW!!! So he's like, UMMMMMM...UMMMMM...Ummmmmmm...FINALLY he says, oh yeah, I ACTUALLY FLUSHED THE TOILET TODAY!!!AHAHAHAHAHA!!!Buuut I was like HYSTERICAL!!!
Then OF ALL KIDS, Prince WON BLESSED SEATS!!! Buuuuuuuuuut the rule was that I GOT TO hold the reward till he got home, ANNNNND Bro. Seth said IF he was bad I didn't have to give it to him!!!! I was like OH YEAH...THATS RIGHT!!! if your BAD I will open up the candy bar and CHOW and I will SLURP down your lil drink packs...IN YOUR FACE!!!
♥Mary Frances :)