Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Saturday, Sunday, MONDAY...

with Angel and Marissa!!!
Okaaaaaaaaaaay soooo Saturday we got up like five minutes before it was time to check out!!! We are all still a little tired, Angel had another ANGELIC MOMENT!!! AHAHAHA!!! Soooo she's going around seeing what people have left behind, She holds up a phone charger and is like who's leaving this? I'm like its not mine! I'm like Marissa is this yours? She's like no! T is this yours? No! MJ is this for your iPad? NO! Finally Marissa is like, Angel, I actually think that's YOURS! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!

We met up with Stultz for lunch at noon at El Guero Canelo, A Sonoran Hot Dog place!!! We're not really sure WHAT El Guero Canelo means, The best transalation we could come up with from Google translate was, The Cinnamon Afterwards...which makes NO SENSE!!! BAHAHAHAHA!!!
Anywayz, I Don't know if you have ever had a Sonoran hot dog before, buuuuuut they're pretty much, THEBOMB.COM!!! I don't know how to explain the bun, its not really a bun but this like soft bread, its just like this softness.
Then the hotdog has beans, peppers and I also put onions and cilantro on it...YUMMMMM!!! Stultz always recommends getting TWO hotdogs, but I think for girls ONE! Annnnnd I'm a girl that can eat too...ya know...I'm jus sayin...annnnd I say ONE!!! LOL
Annnnnnnd then I got Horchata to do drink!!! Man Chantal introduced me to this stuff YEARS AGO!!! LOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!
 Here we are outside...hanging out on the tractor....there used to be a really SUPER cool sports car outside...some how it got replaced with a TRACTOR which just does NOT seem as equally COOL!!!
Annnnnnnnnnd here we all are heading back to Phoenix...Except T...she's driving...LOL!!!
We stopped at this rest Stop and Angel was singing as she went in, ♪I'm in Arizona! I'm in Arizona! I'm in Arizona!♪♪ This motorcycle dude just looks at her and is like, WELL SO AM I! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Then we brought them over JUST TO LOOK at Cracker Barrel!!! They were VERY INTRIGUED!!! Next time they DEFINATLEY want to eat here!!! They found this little hand mirror charm for me...said it was sooooo MARY...it was sooooooo CUUUUUTE I had to get it!!! (Btw does anyone else notice that my hair seems to have a reddish tint to it???? I'm like, PLEASE GOD, PULEEEEZE!! I WANT RED HAIR!!!)

Once we got back to Phoenix, we headed down to Cave Creek... a real DESERT town...As in everything is just DESERT and its like more rural...not like a big City! They were soooo taken by THE CACTUS!!! LOL Angel btw LOVES prickly pear! She eats it from the taco cart all the time...LOL
Then we took them to this lil shop called Indian Village! I remember going there as a child...anyways, we introduced them to INDIAN FRY BREAD...which is superrrr YUMMMMM!!!
They LOVED IT!!!
Then we went to this shop down there called THE TOWN DUMP!!! Now you have to understand that as kids we would drive by that place and I would always think, I WONDER what they sell there...soooo finally we went... a buncha weird stuff buuuut... NOTHING to intruiging!!!
Buuuuuuuuuuuut we did find this stuffed bear with a sign on it that said, don't touch me, I BITE!!! Sooooooooooo of course...that mean ONE THING TO ME...TOUCH...riiiiight?!?! Weeeeeellll then Marissa's like, NO DON"T what if it really DOES bite you? I'm like, WHAAAAT??? Do you think??? She's like what if its on a sensor...I'm like OMW I'll soooo scream...then i'm like wait IF Marissa gets scared, SHE'll SCREAM...annnnnd there is NO SCREAM like a MARISSA SCREAM!!! That's ALL I'M SAYIN!!! If you think I scream, my scream is like a dim echo of Marissa's!!!! Hee, HEE!!!!
Sooooooooo we decided to make Stultz go first!!! He tested it with his fry bread and NOTHING happened...
Soooooooooooo I WENT!!!
That night we decided to go to Lolo's in Old Town. So we're driving there and I keep thinkin that the car in front of me looks somewhat familiar...all of the sudden when we're almost there it hits me...ITS MY CAR!!! BAHAHAHAHA!!! Seth had agreed to drive my car so that all of us girls could ride together...somethings familiar about that car...right down to the light hanging off the side...ahahahahaha!!!
  Anywayz, the ladies room at Lolo's has THE COOLEST wallpaper everrrr!!!
It makes a great background for selfies...my only request is that they would move it down a little bit lower...I'm just saying Lolo's that would be greatly appreciated by ME!!! :))))
Angel and Marissa LOOOOVED the food!!!
I actually tried something different besides the chicken fried chicken, I got THE SMOTHERED chicken this time!!! That was sooooooooo GOOOOOOD!!! Fried chicken smothered in gravy and onions, YES MA'AM...I did NOT get on the scale the next morning!!! That reminds me...still gotta wash that scarf...SYRUP...ALL OVER!!!
Then we took them to the cupcake ATM...sooooooo COOL!!! Everyone that comes to AZ, MUST make this a part of their trip from here on out!!!! Best cupcakes in the world...my fav is the chocolate peanutbutter one!!!!
Annnnnnnd that was pretty much it for the night...aside from some mass confusion with the driving arrangements...then on the way home this sports car revved his engine at me at a light! I was like, did you guys here that??? that fancy prancy car just revved his engine at me...I was like, THE HUNK will race!!! The girls were laughing soooo hard annnnnd guess who won???? YES!!! That's right...THE HUNK!!! Marissa was like, MARY, you just beat a Camaro!!! I'm like, OH is that what that was?!?!
Next day we all went to church and for lunch we met up at this Thai place called Siam!!! This is my first time to have Thai food...it was soooooooooo GOOD!!! My shirt really enjoyed the cashew chicken too...Lets just say I had to break down and SWITCH OUTFITS for Sunday night!!! I NEVERRRR DO THAT!!! I'm not that kind of girl!!!
Anyways, I definatley have to get my LPC group here sometime!!! Then dessert was coconut ice cream and this purple sticky rice...very good...except I had difficulty actually tasting the coconut in the ice cream!!! LOL Anywayz, I love trying new places and things!!!
Anywayz, then we went to Last Chance...we were only in there for a few minutes but Marissa found these pretty awesome heels!!! Anyways, the rest of the day was just hanging out and more church!!! Good times, good times!!!
The next day was a saaaaaaaaad day!!! Cuz my friends had to go home!!! I told them tho that they were NOT allowed to leave UNTIL they met my lil man...THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!!!!

They thought he was sooooooo CUUUUUTE OF COURSE!!!
I also had them try Dutch Brother's coffee and Rainbow donuts that morning...the coffee they loved annnnnd I don't know what happened with Rainbow donuts...buuuut yeah...:((((
Then we said our WOEFUL GOOD BYES!!!
 Angel said, I always think that this is what it will be like in heaven, just being with your close friends annnnnd NEVERRR having to say goodbye!!!! I'm like, AWWWWWWWW!!!!

Annnnnnnnd of course we're all smiles again, cuz I'm SURE we'll be hanging out AGAIN SOON!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. Sooooooooo who's NEXT for an AZ TRIP????