Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Complimenting the cook!!!

Sooooo the other day I'm washing the dishes and I'm washing the Tupperware that my sis had taken her lunch in that day!!! And the EMPTY container and the fragrant aroma of whatever had in there was wafting to my nose!!! I'm thinking, Hmmmm...I wonder what she ate??? Soooo I'm like, this container smells SOOOOO GOOD, what did you have in it to eat???
She's like taco salad!!! Im like OOOOH with the taco meat that I made she's like YES!!! I'm like OH, wait so did I just compliment myself on my own cooking with out even realizing it??? She's like, YUP! PRETTY MUCH!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! That's soooooo ME!!! What can I say, when you got it, YOU GOT IT!!! ;) ;) ;)
Annnnnnd my taco meat IS pretty bomb-diggity-awesome!!!

Can I tell you all a secret about my taco meat??? Of COURSE I CAN!!! My taco meat is ACTUALLY DIET FOOD!!! When my friend Kim was living with us, I was on a REALLY STRICT DIET!!! (Getting back to that again! Yay! GO ME!!!) Well, her and my sister were FINE with me being on this really strict diet, as long as I would STILL cook good, regular, NON-diet food for them!
Weeeeeeellll let me tell you something...this girl DON'T EAT NASTY FOOD!!! I despise the "Normal" diet type stuff!!! IF i'm gonna eat it, its gonna taste good, or else its NOT even worth my time!!! When I cook I use A LOT of vegetables and spices...Everything I cook has got to have flavor blandness!!!
Sooooo I OF COURSE I figured out how to make my diet food taste, AMAZING!!! To the point that my sis and Kim would be like, smells good in here, what are you cooking in here??? I'de say, DIET FOOD!!! Annnnnd I'd make myself these little tacos from the lowest calorie corn tortillas and they would say, those look SOOOO GOOD! And I'd say, yeah, ITS DIET FOOD!!!
Then one day I decided to be NICE and let them talk me into trying MY DIET FOOD!!! Annnnnd weeeeeeelllll they were waaaaaaaaay SOLD on MY TACOS!!!  The biggest compliment was when I got Anali's approval!!! She was all like, Idk Mary, my dad is a REALLY good cook...buuuuut SHE LOVED THEM!!! She's like its weird, they don't taste like Mexican tacos at all, buuuut they are still really, really good!!! Thus they became known as, Mar Bear Tacos!!! Flavor beyond measure!!!
 For all those people that say, "White girls can't cook!" I've set out to PROVE THEM WRONG!!! Annnnd I have to say, to be HONEST, I think MY TACOS are one of my favorite things to eat!!! Actually, I LOVE ALL MY FOOD!!! I'm MY OWN biggest temptation!!! YES REALLY, I did just say that!!! Hee, hee!!!  Fo realz, so far this week I've not eaten my own chicken pot pie, my own chicken and dumplings... breakin MY HEART...its HARD PEOPLE!!! Why oh WHY GOD, did you have to make me sooooooooooo GOOD???? ;)))) AHAHAHAHA!!! Jusssssssssssst KIDDDDDDDING!!!
Mar Bear Tacos on Sunday!!!
♥Mary Frances :)