Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fried Rice????

Okaaaaaaaaay this story just cracks me up!!! Its NOT even MY STORY, buuuuut its soooooo funny I have to share it!!! So my sister works for some Chinese people and the mom was telling her that they were traveling at Christmas time to visit family and that they were taking a box with like some kind of expensive meat that they couldnt' get wherever they were going.
So she says that they're going through security and the worker asks her a question about her box. AND she THOUGHT that he asked her if she had any FRIED RICE in there? And she was like, EXCUSE ME??? What did you say to me???? And the workers like, "Do you have any DRY ICE in there??? And she goes OH, I thought you asked me if I had any FRIED RICE in there???
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That seriously CRACKS me up!!!
Do you have any FRIED RICE???
♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. I dont' get WHY certain ethnicities get offended when you relate a certain kind of food to them!!! If someone asked me if I had pasta in my suitcase...I would NOT get mad!!! ITALIANS BE PROUD!!! Plus There's PROBALBY a good chance there actually IS!!! AHAHAHA!!!