Monday, February 16, 2015

For a single chick...

Soooooooooo for a single chick, I ended up with A LOT of loot for Valentine's day!!! First of all my lil man gave an ADORABLE mug that says, "I'm your guy!" With a Mickey Mouse, which is his absolute FAVORITE annnnnnd HELLO KITTY PINK HOT CHOCOLATE!!!
THEN this is ALL the loot I ended up with from family and friends!!! Cards, hearts, THE CUTEST TRAVEL MUG...Stay calm and sparkle, reeses, a giant reeses heart, conversation jelly beans, chewy sweet tarts...THOSE THINGS SOOOO GOOD!!! Habernero Almonds, Starbucks gift card...OH YEAH!!! I had to wait till the next day to break into any of my candy cuz ya know...DIET!!! I'll have A junk supply for a while because I only splurge on Sundays, the rest of the week I do low carb...Sooooo my drawers are stocked for Sundays for A WHILE!!! LOL
Saturday morning my sis and I went over to my mom's and made was fun!!! I made red velvet-chocolate-chip-heart-shaped-pancakes!!! Sooooo cuuuuute!!!
Then at night we had prayer at church! Someone asked me if Pastor was going to cancel church for Valentine's day??? I was like, UMMMMM... really??? I do NOT see Pastor canceling church for VALENTINE'S DAY!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Anywayz, It was a superrr fun day! I've always LOVED Valentine's day!!! I don't know why but it has never bothered me being single and still celebrating! Maybe its because I don't specifically relate love to having a man...BESIDES...
♥Mary Frances :)