Friday, February 27, 2015

Right before a diamond!!!

Whenever I see this picture below, it is inspiring to me in so many ways. I could for sure write more than one idea from this. However today I want to take it from a SINGLES aspect!!!
I was thinking about how often over the years I have seen my peers set out in life searching for their spouse, the one that they can fulfill the will of God with. However, along the way they begin to get frustrated. They've been waiting and waiting and waiting and all they can see is a continuous dirt wall in front of them. What they always wanted seems to be an impossibility, so they give up and settle in marriage when they could have had a diamond if they JUST would have WAITED!!!
I was thinking about one friend of mine. A beautiful, Godly, talented young lady. I remember us going to a conference together several years ago and at the conference this beautiful friend of mine began to get attention from a young man. The way I saw it, he was one of those guys that was just, "alright" if you know what I mean! At first I didn't think my friend would look twice at him, but as the conference went on, I could tell she was beginning to like him. This left me perturbed, I didn't think this guy was on the same level spiritually as my friend, it wasn't that he was a bad guy, he just wasn't where she was spiritually in her walk with God.
However, when my friend got back from the conference, she used her head, prayed about it and just let the friendship go. A little over a month later, an amazing, annointed man of God noticed her and her Godliness and walked into her life. He was everything she could have ever hoped for and more...He was her DIAMOND!!! It gives me chills to think how she ALMOST had fools gold, when she was SO CLOSE to a diamond.
I recently came across a saying that I absolutely LOVE!!!
"God has someone special for you, but if your not careful, you'll be married by the time you meet them!"
WOW!!! That speaks volumes to me!!! Wait FOR A DIAMOND!!! I'm not talking about pickiness in the sense of materialistic or a physical sense, of course any man has to have A JOB and we all want to be attracted to the person, but what i'm really emphasizing is spirituality. YOU KNOW where you are spiritually in your walk with God.
My single friends, you just never know what's right around the corner for you. It may seem like an endless plight, nothing but a dirt wall in front of you, trust me, I KNOW how you feel, but JUST KEEP GOING!!!It may seem discouraging when all you can see is a dirt wall, buuuuuuuuuut a dirt wall IS what's RIGHT BEFORE A DIAMOND!!!  You just never know who it is, it could be someone that you've never met, or someone sitting right under your nose and you never even saw it. Keep digging against that dirt wall, along the way your going to find some fools gold, don't even bother with it, don't give up, KEEP GOING FOR THAT DIAMOND!!!
♥Mary Frances :)