Monday, February 9, 2015

The Hoods...

The Bible says to give honor to whom honor is due, so I wanted to take a brief moment and do that here today. As many of us have heard about the death of Bro. Hood, I wanted to post a link on here for a website dedicated in honor of him. Although I did not ever meet him face to face or know him personally, I was blessed with his preaching and his family's ministry this past June at Pacific Coast Camp. There were some specific things he said that were directly to me from God! Also, I don't think any of us Pacific Coast Campers will forget cheering when he made a reference to Adventure's in Odyssey during one of his sermons and me going wild when he said his favorite character was Wooton. Not only was Bro. Hood an anointed preacher he was also a very fun preacher!
Bro. Hood's death was an extreme shock to everyone and is a reminder to us all that we need to live our lives like Bro. Hood did, ready at any moment to walk into heaven. It also urges us to realize that we ONLY have one life and we better make it count for Christ.
On the website you will find many different things showing this man of God's life. You will also find a link where you can listen to many of his preaching messages. I've been listening to these messages all day and you WILL BE BLESSED if you listen!!! Click HERE to go to the website!!!
Bro. Hood was very young and left behind a beautiful wife and an adorable little girl.  Sis. Hood has some difficult health problems therefore is not able to work. They are in need of financial help. If God has blessed you or if he lays it upon your heart here is a direct link to donate to them.  You can also find her CD on iTunes for $10, look for Carmen Hood, this is another way of helping support this family. Even if you don't personally know the Hoods, we are all a part of the family of God, therefore this is not a stranger we are helping, this is our SISTER!!!
♥Mary Frances :)