Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hey Brother! Hey Sister! #1

Apostolic pick up lines!
Sooooo I thought it would be really fun to start a series of Apostolic Pick-uplines. Maybe you've seen the humorous memes around the internet that say Hey Boy! Hey Girl! Weeeeeellll what goes down in PENTECOST??? Hey Sister! Hey Brother!!!
I'll be making some up and rewriting some as well, you know with the way we are and our own Apostolic flavor!!! I really wanted to write these on pics with Apostolic guys and girls buuuut I'm pretty positive that all my friends would just KILL ME if I used their picture!!! Of course I would be MORE than willing to use my own pic for EVERY Hey Brother! one I make...buuuuut then we're left in a tizzy cuz we have NO male volunteers for the Hey Sister! one...AHAHA!!!
Soooooooo here we go with the first two!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnd this one is sooooooo US girls!!!
Heeeeey if you have any ideas for any OR if you happen to ACTUALLY use any of these, I would LOVE to hear about them!!! Contact me at MaryFrancesWriting@gmail.com
♥Mary Frances :)