Wednesday, March 11, 2015

By popular request...

By popular request of many females, I am posting a link to a really good post over on The Kifle Choronicles, called, Boys To Bigger Boys, written by a young man to fellow young men!!! This article is about putting away childish, boyish behavior and embracing the full responsibility of manhood! I've heard it stated before by young ladies, "There are few traits MORE attractive in a young man than INDEPENDANCE!!!" My friends said, Mary, you HAVE to get the word out about this article, it NEEDS to be read!!! Okaaaaaaaaaaay I WILL!!!

I've read articles like this by woman, but to me it's not the same, kind of like the speck in your neighbor's eye when there is a beam in your own.There is something always MORE EFFECTIVE when someone is writing from within the situation. Kind of like when someone is teaching about weight loss, if you've overcome overweightness and your now thin, YES we want to hear from you, buuuuuuut if you've been thin all your life, sit down, SHUT UP, and go eat a carrot stick!!! BAHAHA!!!
 Annnnnd for all the females that are AMENING it for the guys, I wrote an article last March directed to the females, She Pumped His Gas, ironically, at the end I said, that you may be thinking, WHAT ABOUT THE MEN??? I said don't worry about the men, If there is something that they NEED to be doing, let God or another man tell them. That's exactly what happened in this post!LADIES we are NOT exempt from needing to work on some things...AHEM...lets not be pointing our fingers at the males without self examining ourselves!!!
 Heeeey take a moment to read both articles and feel free to pass the links on to your peers!!!
♥Mary Frances :)