Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Proud teacher moment!!

Sooooooooo tonight I had a VERY PROUD MOMENT in my life!!! Bro. Seth was teaching the lesson and he was asking the kids to come up and act it out. So one of the boys was like, Hey how about I'm God and he plays Jesus. And Prince just looks at him and is like,
 It was like the clouds in the sky opened up and light shined down at this moment!!! I was like YEEEEEEEEEES!!! OMW!!! YES!!! Its getting through!!! All this really isn't in VAIN!!! Its really getting into their heads!!! No matter how bad this kid is at times, IT IS ALL WORTH it knowing that he knows this foundational truth!!! JESUS IS GOD!!! oh Glory!!! YES HE IS!!! When I get to heaven and I see one of these kids faces...
♪♪It's gonna be worth it all♪ It's gonna be worth it all♪
♫ Gonna be worth every long mile every heartache and every trial
It's gonna be worth it all
 some beautiful happy day!!!♪♫
♥Mary Frances