Tuesday, February 27, 2024

I understand Arabic!!!

Sooooo one night, several years ago, a group of us went to Oregano's, this seemed to be our new hang to eat, its THE ONE place everyone could ALL agree on, even tho it takes us an HOUR, EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT, to decide where we are going. Weeeeelll this night, as we're sitting there looking over our menus, I noticed that the table across from us was trying to take a group picture.
So they had the whole group in one picture except for the woman that was holding the phone taking the picture! Then after she took the picture she sat down and handed the phone to another woman take a group picture with her in it...buuuuut NOW, this lady taking the picture wouldn't be in it and there would be no picture for them with all of them in it!!!
Weeeeeeelllll you know ME, I HAD to offer them my assistance. I called out to them, if you want I can take a picture for you guys so that ALL of you can be in the picture at the SAME TIME!!! They were like, Oh that would be GREAT!!! Thank you SOOOO MUCH!!! So I walk over to them, they hand me the phone to take a picture!!! Annnnnnd NO I DID NOT drop her phone, JUST IN CASE that's where you thought this story was going!!! ( I did think about that while I was taking the pic tho!!! I was like OMW, what if I drop her phone??? I didn't want a recap of THIS MOMENT!!!)
Soooo I take several pictures on her camera and then I thought I heard a man say take another one, SO I DID!!! Then when I handed them back the camera they were all staring at me in AWE!!! And one of the men says, So you speak Arabic??? I'm like, HUH??? He said it again, you speak Arabic?
Weeeeellll I must have looked very confused because than another older man says, When you were taking the pictures,
 I said to you in Arabic,
"Take another picture!" but I didn't say it in English at all and he repeated it in Arabic to me, he's like, and when I spoke it to you in Arabic, you just automatically took another picture like you understood exactly what I said!!! I busted up laughing!!! I'm like, I do NOT know Arabic at all, TRUST ME, I can NOT speak any language other than ENGLISH, annnnd thats PUSHING IT... buuuut I honestly thought you said to me...
They thought it was just HILARIOUS!!!
What can I say, I'm sooo spirit minded,
 not only do I speak in other tongues,
Yup, that's ME, Mar Bear,  
understanding foreign languages without even trying!!!
♥Mary Frances :)