Monday, March 30, 2015

Roach alert #8630721456

Soooooo there has been ANOTHER roach alert since the last one that I wrote about HERE!!! It all happened last Sunday before out pre-service prayer and during Coffee and donuts I had a HUGE ROACH SCARE!!! I was walking through our Bible classroom to the ladies room to look at my hair when THERE IT WAS...
I completely freaked out and ran back into the foyer of our church!!! I'm like, OMW you guys, there is a HUGE ROACH...its GINORMOUS!!! I'm like, buuuuut I think I may be dead!!! Well Janelle started freaking out with me, EVEN THO she hadn't actually seen it! They're like, are you sure its dead??? I'm like, I don't know!!! Janelle's like, I can't even look!!! Soooo I'm like, OKAAAAAy let me look again...
Sooooooo I creeped around the corner when ALL OF THE SUDDEN I saw it MOVE!!! I SCREAMED!!! Its Alive!!! I saw it move!!! ITS A LIVE!!! Sooooo while we're freaking out THE MEN went to check things out for us...*Our heros!!!
So me and Janelle are standing outside the room, holdin our breath...I'm like, DID YOU GUYS KILL IT YET??? Bro. Sam's like, Oh WOW MARY!!! Your right, this is THE BIGGEST ROACH we have ever seen!!! Then he came around the corner and out of the room with his fist clenched, then he stuck it out and said and its coming to GET YOU!!! Of course I SCREAMED!!!!
Then he started laughing!!! He's like, its just some kind of big, fuzzy, feathery thing!!! I LOOKED closely and then when I realized what it was I started laughing!!!! I'm like, OOOOOOOH I know what it is!!! Its from our Bible class on Wednesday night!!!!
It's an EYEBROW!!!
One of those fake ones from these detective costume sets!!! Bro. Seth and Sis. Alyssa had used them for the kids to wear while singing a silly Bible song!!!
After the song, SOMEONE LOST THEY'RE EYEBROW!!! I'm telling you guys, they REALLY do look like ROACHES!!! Annnnnnd I PROMISE YOU GUYS, it really DID look like it MOVED!!! For REALZ...I am NOT "The Girl Who Cried Roach!" BAHAHAHAHA!!!
♥Mary Frances :)