Thursday, March 19, 2015

The old rugged pulpit!!!

I case you all haven't figured it out, I'm a VERY sentimental person. I LOVE when people give me a gift and they say, I got this for you BECAUSE it made me think of you or because I know you like..etc.. In my room, you will see that I have all kinds of stuff from places I've visited, A LOT of the things in my room have a story behind it so I decided to start sharing some of them with you all!!! Sooooo lets first start off with this question...
WHY do you have a PULPIT
in your room Mary???
That is the question a lot of people have asked me when they see this pulpit in my room! Sooooo I decided to share with you all WHY I have a pulpit!!! I'm sorry to disappoint you all, buuuut NO its NOT because I've started preaching!!! :))) 
It was Elder Bro. Abbott's, my current pastor's father, pulpit that he would use to teach from!!! After doing some clearing out of our church one time, I saw this pulpit in our church yard sale!!! Well I HAD to get it!!!To me this pulpit represents something from the man of God in my life for all my years growing up! 
When I get married I want my husband to use it for family meetings, to teach our family for devotions and just in general to lead us from!!! Its old and its rugged, but from behind it many words of foundational Biblical teaching has come forth. I want that to continue on with my own family!!! Annnnd that my friends, 
is WHY
I have a pulpit in MY ROOM!!!
♥Mary Frances :)