Saturday, March 21, 2015

Blue jacket!!!

I found this picture of me with this blue jacket!!!
My mom had bought my sister and I identical jackets...EXEPT mine was blue and hers was PINK!!! I was SOOOO disappointed with BLUE instead of PINK!!!! "But mom, I want pink like Theresa!!!" But Mary, you have BLUE EYES!!! I had NO clue what that had to do with ANYTHING!!! My mom tried to explain to me that it was because the blue jacket made them stand out!!! I coulda cared less about MY EYE COLOR...I wanted PINK!!! Theresa didn't have pink eyes...buuuuuuut she still got a PINK JACKET!!!  Blue was for BOYS!!! Pink was for girls!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
NOW I understand WHY my mom wanted me to wear the BLUE jacket!!! I REALLY DO LOOK GOOD IN BLUE!!! And ACTUALLY, my TWO favorite colors are PINK ANNNNND BLUE!!! Why??? Cuz I LOOOOOVE PINK annnnnnnd BECAUSE I LOOK GOOD IN BLUE!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)