Friday, April 24, 2015

A Filipino Compliment!!!!

Sooooooooo the other day I'm walking out of a grocery store when a little Asian lady walking into the store stops DEAD in her tracks, her eyes  kind of wide open in awe and just stares at me! Not sure what she's thinking I just smile! She's like, You are SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm like, AWWWW THANK YOU!!! As soon as she said that I was beautiful, I KNEW she had to be FILIPINO!!!
You all have NO how much attention I got in the Philippines!!! Light skin and blue eyes are like WOW over there!!! AHAHAHA! Anyways, I thank her for her whole compliment and she's just like, Oh yes!!! You are soooooo BEAUTIFUL! Really, really BEAUTIFUL!!! Then she is starting to walk into the store, then she stops again and says, Your really SO BEAUTIFUL, buuuut do you want to be a knock out?!?! (Are you implying that i'm NOT?!)
I'm like, Ummm yeah SURE!!! She's like, Ok then,
Annnnnnd THEN you will be KNOCK OUT BEAUTIFUL!!! ahahahaahahhahahahaha!!!!  I'm like, Yes, ma'am!!! I'm working on it!!! I really, really AM working on it!!! Buuuuuut it was soooooo FUNNY to me when she mentioned my weight because Then I REALLY knew she was Filipino!!!! Because that was TRUELY a Filipino compliment!!! All the time, they would be telling me, "YOU ARE SOOOOO FAT AND BEAUTIFUL!" Some people were like, that didn't upset you when they would say that, I'm like, nah, its ALL GOOD!!!
They weren't sayin it in a malicious them it was a GENUINE statement and COMPLIMENT!!!  *Basic warning if you ever want to go to the PI and your FAT or DARK and you don't have good self-esteem...DON'T GO!!! Because TRUST me...THEY WILL have something to say about either of those two things before your trip is over!!!! Soooo IF you go, get6 ready for some FILIPINO COMPLIMENTS!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
♥Mary Frances :)