Thursday, April 23, 2015

Life lesson #1!!!

Sooooo yesterday night after service, Dee Dee came running over to me!!! (She's a favorite of mine in case you couldn't tell! ;) Anywayz, she comes running over to me and gives me a hug! I"m like, are you having fun tonight? She's like, YES!!! Buuuut Mary, I'm bleeding!!! And she shows me this lil, teeny-tiny scrape on her knee! I'm like, OH NO!!! What happened?!?! Dramatically giving her the attention she is looking for. She's like, we were all chasing the boys and I FELL!!!
So Bro. Seth was standing there when she said that and he's all, SEE you shouldn't be chasing the boys, look what happens...I'm like YES DEE DEE, let this be something for you to remember...
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Really people, I'm NOT bitter!!!! After I said it I was laughing HYSTERICALLY!!! Seriously, I was like, SNORTING!!! The guys were like, WOW MARY!!! WOW!!!
♥Mary Frances :)