Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday!!!

It was an AWESOME Sunday yesterday!!!! We had A LOT of visitors!!! Ten came on the church van, plus another one of the boys came with his family and then besides all the bus people there were a lot of other visitors!!! It was awesome to see so many people praying at the alter...that overwhelming feeling of NOT knowing WHO to pray with!!! Sorry no pics of was hard enough tryin to figure out who to pray with I was NOT about to add a camera into the mix...LOL!!!
Pretty, pretty girlies!!!
Awwwww Dee Dee!!!

Easter Breakfast at LPC!!!!
Sis. Abbott did a BEAUTIFUL job setting it all up!!!
(You can hire her for the right price i'm sure!!! LOL;)
Me and my lil niecy Bethany!!!
MJ with her sister!!!
With her brother and sister!!!
Armani, playing with Pastor Abbott's shoe while he was talking to someone...
Next time I look I see his shoe string IN HER MOUTH!!!!
Sis. Abbott said, "Yummy are the feet of them that preach the gospel!"
Little Armani...My lil chocolate cupcake with sprinkles!!!
Dee Dee won this lil lamb in blessed seats...You shoulda seen her, she was SOOOO HAPPY to get it!!! She just opened her arms to it like, I was waiting for you!


No pushing, shoving, slapping, fighting, or TRAMPLING for the candy!!!
Me Ariana, Sis. Abbott's niece, she is such a sweet little girl!!!
Bro. Earl gave me an Easter gift!!!

My little LOVES!!! ♥
With Big T, the LPC BUS DRIVER!!! Woot! Woot!!!
Afterwards at my mom's for Easter dinner!!! Mj and her dolly matched...
please excuse the TV in the background, its my dad's!!!
I asked Juliana who her favorite aunt was and she said, Aunt Purrrrrrr!
 (She said Aunt and then made the purring noise!!!! AWWWWW!)
I was trying to get a pic of all the kids together...
Joseph said, I'm posing Aunt Mary!!!! WOW!!! AHAHA!!!
A very crowded Easter dinner at Mom's with family and friends!!!
There's always room for ONE MORE at the Ginty's!!! :)
Zepoli's, Italian donuts, we made together for dessert!!!
Awesome Easter day!!!!
 I hope you all had a great day as well celebrating the resurrection of our Savior, JESUS!!!
♥Mary Frances :)