Monday, April 6, 2015

Thank you God!!!

Today when my sis got home from work my sis told me that my car, which was sitting in the driveway had a flat tire!!! I was like, WHAT??? How bad??? She's like, bad enough that there is NO WAY you can drive it anywhere!!! In my head I was thinking, yeah right, its probably just kinda low and needs air. Buuuuut when I went to check it out, it turns out that my sister was RIGHT!!! My tire was completely FLAT and part of it had even busted open!!! I looked at that tire and was really BUMMED!!! I went inside the house all mopey, I had just had THE OTHER front tire blow out this past Wednesday, NOW the other one was out!!!
 then all of the sudden I realized that I should be thanking God instead of complaining!!! This morning, I had been driving my niece to school, WHICH THERE WAS NONE, she had forgotten, anyway, I'm on the freeway driving, thinking what if my other tire blew out while I was driving on the freeway, front tires blowing are really dangerous because you can completely lose control of the car if you are driving fast, which you usually are going at least 70 on the freeway... soooo I'm soooooooo tired and I half-heartedly said, Oh GOD, just protect me!!!
Annnnnd I realized as I was sitting on the couch that God had answered my half-hearted prayer!!! WHY that tire did NOT blow while I was driving, BUUUUT it did while it was just sitting in the driveway??? The only thing I can think of is GOD!!! He was protecting me because of my half-hearted prayer!!!!
I'm soooo thankful that I have God that always hears my prayers even when they don't seem all that spiritual!!! I remember that in a relationship one time back in the day. I remember thinking this guy that I was with was SO THE ONE!!! And I remember praying another half-hearted prayer before I went to sleep one night, God IF for some reason this is NOT the one you want me to marry, let this NOT work out, I mean, I KNOW HE IS, buuuuut IF he isn't, STOP IT from happening...BUT I KNOW IT IS!!! Have you ever prayed one of those prayers before??? That's the ONLY time I specifically remember praying about this relationship...BUT I really did mean it annnnnnd I'm soooo thankful that in my half-hearted immaturity, God answered my request!!!

He IS my protector!!!
♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. I'm also thankful that JUST last Monday, my big sis added me to her AAA plan...I've ALREADY used it TWICE since then!!! That right there has saved me a boat load of money!!! Not only is God my protector, he is my PROVIDER and he is an ON TIME GOD!!! YES HE IS!!! PURRRRRR!!!!
PPS. I also got to ride in the AAA tow truck that towed my car to Discount Tires!!! You guys seriously have NO IDEA how cool I felt riding all high!!! I was like, CHECK ME OUT!!!! I'm queen of the road...SOMEONE GET ME A TIARA!!!