Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay you guys, sooooo I am like, SOOOOO EXCITED about this summer!!! Its gonna be jam-packed busy and FUN!!! Soooooooooo I thought I would take the time to tell you all about it, since i'm sure you guys are just DYING to know!!! Hee, hee!!! ;))))
Soooooooo MJ's last day of school is next Thursday, after that, beside when I take care my lil man, i'm starting another babysitting job, well its not really NEW, its old buuuuut I get to watch them more than usual this summer!!! This babysitting job is with Ella and Wesley!!! Remember them??? Ella the little girl I nannyed for since she was a month old! Would you all believe that she will SOON be turning 11!!! Isn't that weird??? Its weird cuz I know I should FEEL OLDER than I did 11 years ago, buuuuuut I don't!!! Ella even told me, you haven't changed at all, YOU LOOK EXACTLEY THE SAME AS WHEN I WAS A BABY!!! I'm like, trust me, I don't ACT any different either...DID get that driver's license tho!!! Wooooohoooo!!! I always thought Ella might end up being the one to teach me buuuuuut praise the lord they got me ABC driving school for my 26th birthday annnnnnnnd I FINALLY got the guts to ACTUALLY start driving at 28!!! Anywayz, sooooo yeah, in between vacations and trips, i'm going to be watching these kids again and also housesitting for them!!! I'm SOOOOO thankful for this job!!! Its really SUCH A BLESSING!!!
A Mountain Apart
(New Mexico Camp)
June 2st, (TODAY!!!) T, MJ, Stultz and me are all driving out to New Mexico camp!!! I'm superrrrrr excited!!! We're taking my sister's van. She said its gonna be like this, her and MJ in the back, she plans to sleep,  Stultz driving, cuz she hates to drive AND doesn't want MY HELP...whatev...ANNNND she said my job is to talk to Stultz and keep him awake so she doesn't have to! She thinks i'll have NO problem running my trap for 8 hours straight! HA! Anywayz, i'm superrrrr excited about AMA!!!! This camp has such a strong emphasis on prayer and the power of God just sweeps through the services, its AMAZING!!! I promise you all that of all the conferances I have been too, there is something spiritually that I can't quite explain about this camp!!! It may be small buuuuut I always end up going back!!! Its just soooooo GOOD!!! And usually by the end of the week we're all besties!!!! Plus, I seem to be getting better at archery every year!!! I'm a bulls eye kind of girl!!! Oh plus THE FOOD, cinnamon rolls, annnnnnnd does anyone remember that BBQ brisket sandwich last year??? Ooooooh MAN I soooooooooooo hope they have that again this year!!! (If they ask me tho they can stay away from the baked chicken...its kinda blah...I'm jus sayin...its not seasoned the best...and the Chinese food...its just NOT THEIR THING!!!)

TOMMY and Kelsy's wedding!!!! We'll be leaving on the 25th of June!!! Pretty soon Kelsey will be with us at LPC and on the church van!!!! Woooohoooo!!! A big group of us from LPC are also meeting up at   Sea World!!! Annnnd I heard that there are some new rides there!!! Woooohooooo!!!
Bay Trip #1
(Anali's Bridal shower)
Soooooooooo Tuesday, July 7th, I'm flying out to Oakland! The main part of this is for Anali's bridal shower, to help out and help with the food and all that Jazz!!! YAAAAAAYYYY! Anali is getting MARRIED!!! Plus just hanging out with all my bay peeps!!! I don't know what all we're doing buuuuuut we're going to have a BLAST!!! Coco's got some kind of surprise adventure planned...I have NO CLUE what it is, buuuuuut Hanna said it was inspired by ME, soooooo i'm like, weeeeeeellllll at least I know its gonna be AWESOME then!!! Hee, hee!!! ;) Buuuuuuut I'm DYING of curiosity over here!!! I'm trying to figure it out but at the same time I don't want too...AHAHAHAHA!!!  Its really cool tho you guys, Coco takes people on these Surprise Adventures that he comes up with, Read Anali's grad one HERE, plus he took her and Joe on one after they got engaged...Anywayz, its cool and I think we should start calling them, Adventure's With Coco!!! I've only been on one buuuuuut it was pretty epic cuz it was for Hanna's grad last May!!! (That was the biggest one so far and I got to be a part of it...YAAAAAY!!!) Plus i'm superrrr excited about meeting all the new people in the Berkley church... Plus seeing friends besides my usual group of the Kifle's, Jen, and Anali, I'll get to be seeing Destiny, Carissa, Cassy, Kendra and some of the girls from PCC...YEAH!! We're gonna go to lotsa good eats that they have planned, the only thing I know for sure, Hanna said a Pizza place, a Thai place and an Ice cream place called Crème, they bake fresh cookies then put icecream in the middle...YUMMMM...OMW YOU GUYS I have the PERFECT shirt for this place...it has ICE CREAM ON IT!!! plus i'm planning on cooking for them...lets see, we have tacos, biscuits and gravy, FO sho on the list annnnnd i'm thinking they all really are in need of trying my french toast and fried chicken strips...those are both bomb-diggety AWESOME!!! Plus in the middle of al lthis, ALL I KNOW is that I had better get some Ethiopian food annnnnnd Ethiopian ice tea...YUMMMM...its just gonna be a BLAST! Oh annnnnnd YOU GUYS, we need to play Mesgana's Uno Attack game...OMW I just realized that we've never all played games together!!! You haven't seen the REAL ME, till you play games with me!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!
 If you read my blog, and your going to Heritage, COME SAY HI TO ME!!! Lets take a pic together!!! Meet my friends and stuff... I'll be awesome!!! Sooooo I'm leaving with Hanna and Coco on the 15th I think, from San Fran and we're flying out to DENVER cuz its cheaper that way, THEN driving to Colorado Springs, WHERE we will attend the Heritage Conference ANNNNNNND one of the days Hanna and I will give Coco a tour of WHIT'S END!!! We will drink WODFAMCHOCSOD'S annnnnnnd I WILL GO DOWN THE SLIDE!!! I almost did it last year buuuuuut when I climbed to the top and went under the height thing I was at like, 5'8 1/2 annnnnnnd the limit is 5'9 sooooo I asked the lil old lady if anyone had ever gotten stuck and she kinda gave me the once over and was like, "No...NOT YET!" AHAHAAHAHA!!
July 18th is MY BIRTHDAY!!! I'm turning 32!!! The Saturday of Heritage!!Mark your calenders people, I LOOOOOVE CELEBRATING THIS HOLIDAY!!! ;))))
Vacation Bible School
I'm getting back RIGHT in time from Heritage to be part of our church's VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL!!! WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!! Then the next week I'll be leaving for Cali again!!! Our theme this year is DRIVE!!! (Race car theme)
Bay trip #2
Joe and Anali's Wedding
Then I'll be home for that one week annnnnnnnd then ill be OFF AGAIN...For Anali's wedding!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!! I'm soooooo excited!!! I'm going to be a bridesmaid annnnnnnd guess what else, I MATCH MADE THEM TOO!!!! Awwwwww!!! Altho I'm going to be there for a little over a week, the only plans THUS far for that trip is church ANNNNNNND THE WEDDING!!!!

Summer Bucket list 2015
Fry and egg on the sidewalk...ANNNNND do something that no one else does with them!!!
Bake cookies in my car!
Learn how to change a flat tire!!!
Swim, swim, SWIM!!!  
Annnnnnd that my friends is MY SUMMER!!!
What about YOU!!!???
♥Mary Frances :)