Saturday, July 18, 2015

Day 6 at the bay!

Look I made banana muffins!!!
At night we went to Berkley and got ice cream sandwiches from Cream!!!

Then we found this man on the street making big, HUGE bubbles!!!

I kinda freaked out when I got do it!!!

OMW!!! They're soooo cuuuuute!!!

Bro. Kifle was pretty much a bubble expert!!! Hee, hee!!!

Sooooo, we're standing there watching the giant bubbles and Bro. Kifle whispers to me, look at this man staring at Hanna!!!! Soooo I turn, expecting just to see some random man in the crowd staring at her! Buuuuuut what I saw made me just bust up laughing! Standing there is this black man, with a long trench coat, big, dark sunglasses, and it was completely dark out! And he's standing there in this like super man stance with his jacket half open like a cape, and just openly gawking in awe of Hanna's beauty!!! #afewfriesshort sooooo Hanna is like weirded out when she sees and walks over to us and tries to be real casual and say something but we were laughing to hard! She's like, ok, soooooo obviously you guys noticed! I'm like, Uh, YEAH!!! It was just too funny because he couldn't just starre like a normal creepy person! He had to go all out, bay style, outlandish creepy!!!
Then we heard music a little further down the street! So we headed over to see what was going on and there was this random college marching band playing music!

It was very hyperrrrr in the audience!!! Lol

Me and Anali Bananali!!!

The we saw this couple like slow dancing in the middle of all the chaos!!!! Annnnnd you know how there are those couples that you see them together and it just makes you want to find that special someone, fall in love, get married and grow old together????
This was NOT one of those couples!!! #ghettolicios!!!! You never know what you'll find in the streets of Berkley!!! 

BaHaHaHaHaHa!!!! This was by far one of the funnnnnest nights of the week!!!