Thursday, July 23, 2015

Kindred spirits!!!

Sooooooooo at Heritage this year, Dani Daurghtey (Sp?) came up to me and was saying, I know I'm kind of behind on the times, but I just recently started reading your blog! I'm like, OH that's cool! I mean its NEVERRRR to late to start reading Classic Mary Moments!!! So anyway, she's telling me that she reads my blog and then she said that it looks like we have something in common! I'm like, OH REALLY??? (I'm paraphrasing, I can't remember her EXACT words!)  I'm thinking like, what? You like hair accessories and Hello Kitty too??? AHAHA!!!
She says yeah, I'm obsessed with black people too!!! I'm like, WHAAAAAAAAAAT??? REALLY??? NOOOOOOOO WAY!!! She's like, yeah! And when I was little I even carried around a black baby doll too!!! I'm like, REALLY??? She's like, yeah and everyone thinks its weird that I'm this way! I'm like, ME TOO!!!
I'm like, OMW!
We have to take a picture!!! We have to take a picture!!! I mean, I thought I was THE ONLY ONE!!! who woulda known that God made two of us crazy white girls!!! It may be weird, buuuuuut we can't help it!!! GOD DID IT, NOT US!!! Annnnnd Heeeeeeyyyy, If God put an extra big dose of  love for black people in us, than SO BE IT!!!
♥Mary Frances :)