Monday, July 13, 2015

Saturday evening!!!! Annnnnd Sunday!!!

Long story short, we randomly ran into the Wakfields!!!!
A tie at Eco thrift that I really wanted Bro. Kifle to buy!!! AHAHAHA!!!
Hanging out at Jeremy and Cassy's Saturday night was a blast!!! Bro. Jeremy was EXTRA HILARIOUS!!!! The guys all told us lots if stories!!!

Their dog Brutus was chasing Bro. Kifle around the kitchen table, we were all hysterical watching!!!
Sunday morning we had good church in Berkley! I got to me Destiny's dad, Bro. Greg! He's quite funny and part Italian... Plus he guessed me to be 20!!! So yeah, he's cool!!!
Berkley music team, which consists of Hanna on the piano, Bro. Greg on the bass, and Mesgana on the drums, jamming it out!!! Then bro. Kifle preached a really good message... I um forget exactly but I remember about the vine and bearing fruit!
Me and Destiny!!! I'm sooooo proud of her! It's so awesome to such a differance in her juuuuust since WCC!!! God is sooooo GOOOOOOD!!!! 
After church we took Destiny and Mia with us and went to Savers and the Philz coffee shop...and we realized that SOMEONE didn't like they're drink cuz they left it the car!!! AHEM Destiny!!!
I loooooved my drink tho! It was Mint Mojito... It was superrrr YUM!!!
Then church that night at Bro. Rushings church in San Lorenzo! We HAAAD US some good church! Bro. Dunahoe preached a really good message and there was a great alter call and a man got baptized and when he came up out of the water he was speaking in tongues!!! 
Me and little Miss. Carissa!!! After church, no time to go out and party cuz Hanna worked!!!!