Sunday, August 16, 2015

Don't be jelly!!!

Soooooo tonight at church we're all sitting around, hanging out in the foyer of our church. I'm in my usual spot on the floor annnnnnd we're all talking and chillin annnnnnd then one of the kids got in trouble for something annnnnd there's like this really AWKWARD silence...annnnnd I really felt the need to BREAK IT!!! AHAHAHA!!!
Soooooo i'm like, okaaaaayyyy I don't want you all to be SUPERRRR jealous with what I'm about to say, ESPECIALLY YOU PASTOR, buuuuuuut...this shirt i'm wearing...
I mean, i'm jus sayin...DON'T BE ALL JELLY NOW!!! AHAHAHA!!! Everyone was laughing but Pastor was laughing the hardest!!! AHAHAHA...I am pretty funny sometimes...I mean really tho...don't be jelly you guys!!!
Actually, the only reason its a large and it fits, is I THINK cuz its the style for everything to be SUPERRRR big and baggy....buuuuuut STILL...its ONLY A LARGE!!! That's like, MY GOAL size that I want to be with losing weight...JUST A LARGE...cuz I used to be a extra, extra, extra, extra large, (4x) annnnnnd NOW i'm just a extra, extra large...annnnnnd sooooo yeah...I JUST WANT TO BE A LARGE!!! That'd be soooo awesome!!!
AnywayZ, I'm like, SUPERRRR in LOVE with this blouse!!! Annnnnd I KNOW I say that about ALMOST all my clothes, buuuuuut...ITS TRUE...sooooo sue me cuz I have a crush on so many of outfits...If its cute, its CUTE...HEEEEEY!!!! Oh and LOOK, it EVEN has a tail in the back...HOW CAN I NOT BE IN LOVE WITH IT??!?!
Anywayz, I'm really writing this WHOLE POST because I just wanted to let you all know that after last weeks post about my Sunday outfit, I decided to just go ahead and start a CUTE OUTFIT BLOG!!! Yes, REALLY!!! Check it out...
. I made it special so that all you men out there that read ClassicMaryMoments...YES YOU...YOU KNOW WHO YOU all you men won't get bored with me posting about clothes on this blog...buuuuut I mean, IF your single, on fire for God, burden for the lost, has a job, has a car, tithe paying, pastor obeying, man of prayer...annnnnd God lays it upon your heart....HEEEEEY... you are WELCOME, to CHECK IT OUT!!! Hee, hee!!! I'm jus sayin!!!  ;)

♥Mary Frances :)