Monday, August 17, 2015


I just want to give a SPECIAL SHOUT OUT to the ONLY TWO PEOPLE that have ACTUALLY NOTICED I'VE LOST WEIGHT!!! #1 goes to Kendra Thaler...Who noticed at Anali's wedding rehearsal...which was good to hear cuz I felt incredibly frumpy in what I was wearing...even tho its one of my favorite shirts, we still all have our frumpy moments...I mean, mine don't happen often...buuuut yeah...And then Kendra said she DEFINATLEY could tell I had lost weight and I was like, OMW I LOOOOOVE YOU MY BEAUTIFUL CHOCOLATE SISTA!!! Mwah!!!
Annnnnnnd #2 goes to my pastor's wife, Sis. Abbott who noticed at the youth rally we had this past Friday night!!! Which, I wasn't feeling frumpy at, see I told you frumpy-feeling moments don't happen often...ahahaha....buuuuut STILL, I was like, YES!!! Thank you!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOVE YOU MY BEAUTIFUL VANILLA PASTOR'S WIFE!!! MWAH!!!
I just want you two to know, that your noticing, has NOT gone Unnoticed by ME!!! So THANK YOU, for NOTICING!!! Because my love language is; Words of Affirmation...Sooooo feel free to AFFIRM ME people!!!  (Basically, that means that I LOVE COMPLIMENTS!!!;)))AHAHAHA!!!
♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. Oooooh that reminds me, I just remembered ONE MORE person that noticed, buuuuut I'm not sure if they want their name announced on my blog... sooo...yeah...buuuut if your reading this, just KNOW, that I DID notice, YOU NOTICING TOO!!! :)))