Friday, October 16, 2015

Shoe blessings!!!

Sooooooo this week God blessed me with THREE GOOD PAIRS OF SHOES!!!
Shoes are THE ONE accessory that you may notice I don't do to much with...I'll tell you WHY!!! I'm flat-footed!!! Very, very, very, VERY FLAT-FOOTED!!! I have absolutely no arch at all whatsoever on my foot!!! I didn't find this out till my 20's and I found myself gimping much so that I found myself in the pediatrist office!!! I thought I had bone spurs in my feet!!! He was like, NO, your flat-footed...ANNNNNNNND those shoes your wearing are absolutely the WRONG kind of shoes to wear!!! Flip-flops!!! That's what I always used to wear!!! I even said I was going to wear flip-flops on my wedding day!!! (Reason #5956867 why I thank God I didn't get married young!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!) Anyways, I didn't believe the doctor and continued to wear flip flops!!! Then one day it clicked and I went to the shoe store and bought a really good pair of sneakers and lo and behold the doc was right!!! All the pain went away and I could walk normal again!!! Woooooohoooo!!!
Soooooo I said all that to say that I have a FRIEND that finds it her PERSONAL DUTY in life to criticize the fact that I wear sneakers ALL THE TIME except to church!!! Her exact words are, "How are you gonna be a preacher's wife IF you wear sneakers???" I'm like, REALLY??? First of all, WHO SAYS I'm gonna be a preacher's wife??? (Hey that's NOT on my list of criteria... on fire for God, burden for the lost, has a job, has a car, has good self-esteem, kind-hearted, patient with Mary Moments, wants to have at least 7 kids, willing to adopt, tithe paying, pastor obeying, righteous, Apostolic Warrior,  man of prayer ,LOL) Annnnnnnnnnnnd second of all, WHY CAN'T PREACHER'S WIVES WEAR SNEAKERS???? Any preacher's wives out there that wear sneakers??? I mean, I'm jus sayin!!! You can knock doors longer if your wearing sneakers instead of heels!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Anyways, THE POINT IS, God blessed me with some shoes that are good for flat-footed people!!! I got a pair of Softspots for $11 and two pairs of crocs for $12!!! Those Softspots are QUITE EXPENSIVE!!! Annnnnnnnnnd YES people, they ACTUALLY SELL CUTE CROCS!!! I never knew this before and they feel AMAZING on my feet!!! Im sooooooo THRILLED!!! Sooooooo now I can trade it up sometimes for these shoes on a daily basis!!! Altho, I have to say if it involves a lot of walking, my sneakers are STILL THE BEST FOR MY FEET!!! Anywayz, FRIEND, I hope your HAPPY NOW!!!
Anywayz, I just wanted to publicly say, THANK YOU GOD FOR BLESSING ME WITH GOOD, CUUUUUUUTE SHOES!!! Thank you Jesus!!! Purrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)