Saturday, October 17, 2015

Happy 1st birthday Bethany!!!

I just want to say Happy Birthday to my lil Niecey Bethany!!! She is ONE years old now!!! WOW!!!
She's sooooo BEAUTIFULLLLL!!!
She REALLY wanted
a picture with me!!!
Both Juliana and Bethany really wanting to take a picture with their crazy Aunt!!!
Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaay FINALLY someone wants to take a picture with me!!! YAAAAAAAAAYYY!!! I asked Joseph he thought I looked pretty today? He looked me over then said, YES! I like your hair!!! Then he says, I actually really like your purse too!!! Its VERY STRINGY!!! AHAHAHA!!! Isn't that the funniest-cutest compliment everrrrr??? Such a Boy-compliment!!!
Joseph told me the other day that i'm  THE CRAZY AUNT!!!! He said because I just keep kissing and kissing and kissing and kissing and kissing...YOUR CRAZY AUNT MARY!!!
Annnnnnnnnd she GOT DOWN!!!
Eatin her cake like a GINTY!!!
Love you Betha-a-roo!!!
♥Mary Frances (aka: Aunt Mary)