Saturday, November 21, 2015

Pizza time with John!!!

Sooooooooo every year for the last several years its become a family tradition that for my brother John's birthday, we make pizza from scratch together!!!
This was his cake my mom got done. It says, We love you MORE THAN PIZZA!!! Now that's LOVE for a Ginty!!! Hee, hee!!! ;)
I always get there early and help him make the dough, let it rise then roll it on out...its quite the process and I used to knead ALL THE DOUGH by took him a few years to convince me that it REALLY WAS OK, to let the bread machine knead the dough...I let it do the majority but still do some...I don't wanna lose my touch ya know?!
Putting it all together...
John does the REAL DEAL, he has a pizza stone and EVERYTHING!!!
Proud of the results!!!
We made some new appetizers, Peperoni bubble bread and bread sticks...yummmm YUM!!!
How the Ginty's do it!!!
♥Mary Frances :)