Thursday, November 12, 2015

Surprise, surprise!!!

Imagine my UTTER AND COMPLETE SHOCK when I got a phone call before church with a very familiar voice, COMMANDING to if I was coming to get the kids for church tonight OR WHAT??? I'm like,
She's like, yeah, I'm here and I want to come to church!!! Of course I SCREAMED!!! She's like, so are you guys coming or what??? I'm like, DUH!!! Of course i'm coming girrrrrrrl, its Wednesday night and this is what I do!!! Nothing like going home and checking my email and finding that i'm being cussed out cuz I didn't respond back soon enough about getting her for church that night! I'm like, Wow Esther, WOW!!!
It's been over three years since I've seen my chocolate daughter and grandson!!! Phletcher has gotten SOOOOOOOO BIG!!! And he's such a handsome little boy...Esther is still a LITTLE, LITTLE, TEENY TINY, LEEEEEETLE THING!!! Only weighing in at 80-something pounds...I'm like, WOW!!! I definitely plan to change that!!! Hee, hee!!! ;)
I'm NOT even gonna lie, it was pretty HILARIOUSLY AWESOME hearing her have to discipline her son for misbehaving during church!!! I'm like, HA...PAYBACK!!!
She said she's back in AZ for good annnnnnnnnd she's planning on coming to church...In Jesus name i'm believing!!!
For those of you that are newer CMM blog readers or for those of you that have forgotten about who Esther is, You can read our story of when she lived with me HERE, and you can read about when I became GrandMary HERE!!!
♥Mary Frances :)