Wednesday, November 11, 2015

God's Dream for WHO you marry!!! ;)

Have you ever thought about it:  What has God called ME too? And furthermore, as a woman of God, how does that affect WHO we choose to marry?  
I was then listening to some preaching one time and the preacher was talking about we are basically all born in love with ourselves and that ultimately that's who we care about the most...we are just by nature SELFISH!!! He was talking about how even when a girl falls 'IN LOVE' all she is thinking about is how that dream boat she is about to walk down the aisle to, IS going to make HER so happy!!! Its STILL about US!!!
That got me to thinking, how often, EVEN when striving to do things for God, how often are we still in SOME WAY thinking about OURSELVES?! Am I letting go completely or am I still holding onto my own will??? My own dreams? As a woman, your husband's call, becomes YOUR CALL. We're JUST the helper of the husband. This got me to thinking about how we need to change our perspective on how we are thinking about our future spouse. Its NOT about ME  and My dreams...MY's all about GOD and, his goals, his desires, HIS DREAMS!!!
This causes me to rethink the way I pray about my future spouse. Instead of praying for WHO I want, I need to pray, "God, don't bring me to the one that is going to fulfill all MY DREAMS, but the one that I can help to fulfill all of YOUR DREAMS!!!
And if your a man, "God who is she that is willing to HELP ME fulfill your dreams?" Awwwwww soooo sweet!!! ;))))
I've been asked before if I feel called to a certain people or a certain type of ministry. I used to think yes, but over the years, God has allowed me to feel burdens and to reach out to people from just about every ethnicity, every age range and from all different back grounds. Rich, poor, black, white, Hispanic, Africans, Filipinos, single parents, ex-convicts, infants, teen mom's, Elderly, children, adults, foster kids, I've cried over them all. I've come to the conclusion, that ultimately, there is only ONE thing that God has specifically called me too and that one thing is SOULS!!!
 God you know my passions, my strengths and my weaknesses, who can I help the best to bring souls to you? I've started praying for God to help me NOT to hold on to MY OWN WILL and help me simply seek to fulfill HIS DREAMS.
I think God's dreams can simply be summed in this verse..."For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost"(Luke 19:10)
God has no specifics,
 just that IF IT'S LOST,
 it NEEDS to be FOUND!!!
♥Mary Frances :)