Monday, November 30, 2015

The bay... AGAIN!!! (Pre-WCC)

Soooooooooo I made another trip to the bay Tuesday before WCC, the plan was to drive down with out convientley that to do that these days!!! Soooooo my sis (Thanks to my awesome sis for always driving/picking me up from the airport) dropped me off EARLY Tuesday morning at the airport before work, my flight wasn't leaving till 11:30 biggie for me tho...I always entertain myself just fine!!! Weeeeeellll I hadn't had any coffee yet soooooooo that was MY FIRST STOP!!!
Wildflower Bread Café...not as good as Starbucks buuuut...I NEEDED COFFEE NOW!!! LOL Weeeeeeeeeeellllllll I went to go use the restroom, buuuuuuuut in the process of trying to take all my luggage off of me...YES PEOPLE!!! I WENT TO WCC WITH JUST CARRY ON LUGGAGE...IT IS POSSIBLE TO DO AND STILL BE GIRLY GIRL!!! LOL!!!...

Anywayz, in the process of taking off my luggage, my carry on knocked over MY WHOLE ENTIRE COFFEE THAT WAS RESTING on THE TOILET PAPER didn't seem like THAT BIG OF A COFFEE buuuuuut after it spilled there was coffee EVERYWHERE...all over skirt was SOAKED and there was still coffee rapidly going into the stall next to mine...I was thanking God that there was no one in that stall...TOO EARY IN THE MORN...I'm just gonna be honest with you guys...I FLED THE SCENE OF THE CRIME!!! Went around the corner to the next group of stalls and spend about 30 minutes cleaning coffee off of myself...I heard someone on the other side while I was cleaning...I think someone spilled something...hopefully...ahahaha...can you imagine if someone had been sitting there when the coffee came under the stall???
Weeeeeellllll after I got all cleaned up, I peaked around the corner and was relieved to see that someone had cleaned up my coffee MESS!!! Its such a warm-fuzzy-feeling I get inside, KNOWING that i'm helping people keep there jobs ya know?!?!?!
After that I decided it was time to get some free drinks from Starbucks, I had NOTHING ELSE to do except call up Starbucks and very politely I talked to them about how two of my drinks had been made wrong and that I didn't have time at that moment to go back get them fixed, was there anything they could do to make this up to me?! They apologized to me and said that $10 had been added to my card...YES!!! So guess what I did now???? Yup, that's right, headed to get MORE COFFEE!!!
My gate was crowded so I sat on the ground and enjoy my coffee...and a very thin, fit-looking-middle-aged lady sitting in a chair started talking to me about how she has NO IDEA how I can just sit on the floor, It would be to hard for her to get up...I'm like hmmmm...see I kinda make it a regularity to sit on the floor...this way I'll never NOT be used to doing it!!! I keep my bed on the floor my crazy but I like it like that!!! Then I'll be like grandma Cleveland one day, in my 80's and still able to sit on the floor and get up and down just fine!!!
Soooooooo first think Hanna and I decided to do was EAT!!! Now Hanna knows me, if its NOT some exciting, interesting, adventurous, good place, or someone's home cooking, UNLESS I"M STARVING, I'm going to say I'm NOT hungry!!! LOL Sooooooooo we decided on Bermuda Superstar...
Annnnnnd at the last minute we remember to call Bro. Kifle and invite him like, five minutes before we were being seated...buuuuuuuut it was to short notice...soooo we sent him a pic pretending to be SAD!!! LOL
The food was soooooooooo GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!! They have really good lunch specials there...
We got mango chicken and we added spicy sauce to it, garlic noodles,
Coconut rice...SOOOOOOO YUMMMMYYY...with Chili lamb and ginger salad...only thing I wasn't a huge fan of was the ginger salad!!! Hanna and I just share everything so that we can have it all!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnnd being the good big sisters that we are, we SAVED OUR LEFTOVERS for Bro. Kifle!!! We're SO GENEROUS AND KINDHEARTED...what would he do without us??? LOL
Then me and Hanna went to of course PEETS!!! (Yes, this is my 3rd coffee of the day...for people like Stultz that are probably shaking their head right now...BAD...I know, I know!!!) They have BETTER HOLIDAY DRINKS THEN STARBUCKS...altho I can't remember what I actually got...LOLOLOL
They made Hanna's COMPLETELY WRONG!!! I tasted hers to and it was completely UNSWEETENED!!! Hanna's like, this is such a disappointment! I'm like, girrrrrl, uh uh, GO BACK and nicely ask them to fix it!!! You pay way to much for them to get it wrong...We waited til the lady, Aunt Jemima herself with a MAJOR ATTITUDE, got off the clock, considering she had just gotten done telling another customer that she had been diagnosed with bi-polor , anxiety and several other mental disorders...
(Not the best topic to inform customers as you make their drinks...Jus sayin, I mean...I know we all have issues buuuuuuut ya know...LOL)
Then that afternoon we ran around doing some errands and stuff and about 3 hours later it was TIME TO EAT AGAIN!!! We headed over to a family from the Berkley church for dinner! Now Bro. Kifle had told me, IF YOU EVER HAVE A CHANCE TO EAT SIS. MINI'S FOOD, EAT IT!!! ITS THE BEST MEXICAN FOOD YOU WILL EVER HAVE!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnnnd it was!!! Yummy, yummy, yummy ENCHILADAS!!! They were HUGE AND SHE FILLED OUR PLATES!!! I was like, weeeeeeeelllll here goes the diet...I have to eat them would be RUDE NOT TOO!!! LOL
Annnnnnnnnnd YUMMY beans...soooooooo I tried to make my own beans from scratch...they were like really dry...Not like Sis. Mini's, hers were soooo GOOOOOOD!!!
Here I am with the beautiful(Bonita) cook! Gracias for the AMAZING DINNER!!!
(See, I'm practicing my Spanish Sis!!!;))))
Sis. Mini said I should start practicing Spanish and she asked if I knew anything? I said I know the important stuff, like GWAPPO!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!I'll come ANY CHANCE I get...HAHAHA!!! I'm coming again December 28...jus sayin...Hee, hee!!! :))))
Their adorable little grandson, I can't remember his name buuuuut he's cute!!!
All we had to do was make one mention to Sis. Mini about Bro. Kifle being disappointed about missing out on her enchiladas and she was like, OH Pastor Kifle?! I will make him some!!! I was like, Now that's a good saint!!! LOL And she made him some fresh enchiladas and sent a big Tupperware of food for him! Then we were all joking about him becoming Pastor Gordo now...which is very unlikely buuuuut...funny to think about!!!
 Then it was time for Tuedsay night Bible study...
Bro. Kifle taught about being a prayer warrior...
Mesgana makes such a good looking warrior...
One thing Bro. Kifle said that I really liked was that a warrior is still a warrior EVEN when there NOT in war! I like that...and its basically what I remembered from the teaching!!! That and the fact that I was VERY FULL from lunch and dinner!!! LOLOL!!!
Then we went to the Kifle's house to chill for a while, I woulda eaten Sis. Kifle's Ethiopian food buuuuuuuut I was seriously scared that if I ate ANYTHING ELSE, my WCC clothes ACTUALLY MIGHT NOT FIT!!!! LOL If it weren't for WCC the next day tho...I woulda eaten...she's a GOOD COOK!!!
Buuuuuut we sat around talking about everything from about sequins and glitter and lace to souls and reaching the lost and just funny stories...good times, good times!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnd the next day for lunch, I GOT MY ETHIOPIAN FOOD!!!
Sis. Kifle said, Eat with your hands, well if you want to, you don't have to!!! I'm like, OH NO, I WANT TO!!! LOL She's like, well you don't have to and Mesgana was like, MOM, She's African!!!
Then when we were done eating, She said, Ok you did good,  you qualify for missions now! And Mesgana was like, MOOOOOOM, I already told you, SHE'S AFRICAN!!!! Ahahahahahahaha!!!! I love Gana!!!
After that, it was time for them to all leave for WCC and soooooooo I was left alone at their house while I was waiting for Nurse Hanna to get done saving lives for the day...NO PROBLEMO...I'll just entertain myself!!! Hee, hee!!!
Isn't that the cutest thing everrrr??? From pre-school...He liked teddy bears too... Awwwwwwwww!!! I knew we were friends for a reason...TEDDY BEARS!!!
See, I TOLD YOU GUYS not to get worried about me getting bored while I was by myself...I ALWAYS ENTERTAIN MYSELF!!! *Insert Dr. Blackard laugh, Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)