Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Where's Prince???

So this past Sunday, we had a GREAT turn out of people that we picked up for church on the van, I'll tell you all about that later, buuuuuut, once we got ourselves all in and settled down, I began to do a count down of everyone to make sure they were ALL in the sanctuary and NOT wondering around. So I do a count down and there is ONE missing!!! PRINCE!!!! I had already, gotten him from several places he was NOT supposed to be that day...mainly the game room upstairs with the air hockey table! So church is about to start and i'm like, GREAT, he's off again!!! So I turn to Esther who was at the end of our row and say, WHERE'S PRINCE??? She's like, right there!!! I'm like, what??? WHERE!!!??? She's like, RIGHT THERE!!! So I stand up and am looking around and I STILL don't see him! I'm like, WHERE IS HE??? She's like,  RIGHT THERE!!! I'm like, WHERE??? She's like, MARY, SITTING IN THE CHAIR NEXT TO YOU!!! I look down and there he is just looking up at me GRINNING with his big toothy grin!!!
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You know, sometimes THE VERY thing your looking for is right there under your nose, its SOOOOOO CLOSE TO YOU, YOU LITERALLY CAN'T EVEN SEE IT!!! That's just the way God works in life sometimes to!!!! Sometimes ya gotta search the whole world over to find something and other times you search the whole world over and when you return you still don't see it till God opens your eyes and when you finally see it, the answer is just sitting there grinning at you!!!
That's just one more thing that I love about JUST NEVER KNOW what or how He's gonna do something!!!
♥Mary Frances :)