Saturday, December 12, 2015

Tamale Festival 2015

Finally, THIS YEAR,  2015,
Every year since I've ever heard about it, I have ALWAYS wanted to go!!! Buuuuuut with it being in December, the Holiday season, something has ALWAYS COME UP!!! Buuuuuuuuuuut NOT THIS YEAR!!!
The streets are just lined up with tamale vendors and they're ALL giving out tamale samples...How cool is that??? 
It was sooooo cold and breezy out tho so we got hot chocolate to warm us up!!!
MJ was embracing her Heritage and completely enjoying all the food she could eat here...this is a mango on a stick with chili-lime on it...HANNA...we got get more of that fruit from the fruit man when I come out!!!
These tamale vendors were Apostolics just like us, so I told them I was going to give my business to THEM since they're my sistas!!! :)))
There was soooooo much I wanted to try, Chili Releno in a fresh tortilla, a gordita...The non-taco bell version looked AMAZING, anyways, I couldn't try EVERYTHING but I finally decided on this thing called a Papusa, my Guatamalen friend told me about them and is going to make me one next time I go to the Bay, (Yeah, EAT, laugh and talk, that's pretty much ALL we do when I'm there!!!LOL) So I was like, OH I HAVE to try this papusa  NOW!!! But this one was made by an El Salvadorian woman so I still gotta have the Guatamalen version!!!
HaVE I ever told you all HOW MUCH I looooove tamales??? I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THEM!!! YUMMMMMMMMM!!!!
One day I'll have to tell you about THE FIRST time I ever ate a tamale!! BAHAHAHA!!
This picture I HAD TO TAKE!!! The man in the black was petioning for people to sign his paper to legalize pot...everyone is just like walking by like whatever and he's like, FINE, just don't care about people and them getting their lives back!
 And THEN the bum on the street starts giving him advice on  what to say, he's like, Tell them, STOP CREATING CRIMINALS...LEGALIZE MARAJUANA!!! The guy was like, OH now that's GOOD!!! And then proceeded to say it!!! I was like, WOW!!!
Overall it was a VERY FUN TIME!!! It's free to get in and besides all the free samples there a lot of free things that you can win and stuff...I got MOST of my stocking stuffers!!! Hee, hee!!!
♥Mary Frances :)