Monday, February 29, 2016

Mom's going home service!!!

My mom's going home
 service was BEAUTIFUL!!!
I would have to say, a few of my favorite things, 1. Before the service, Juliana, my 3-year-old niece, just randomly went up and kissed Grandmas picture!!! She just went right up on her tip-e-toes to reach her lips, it was the cutest thing ever!!!! 2. when Bishop Abbott talked about my mom, one of the things that he said that I thought was sooooo NEAT was that he said my mom was one of the best friends he ever had!!! I was like, WOW!!! What a HIGH COMPLIMENT!!! Not only because it was a man of God that called her one of his best friends, but because like he said, in the ministry, you don't always have a lot of people that your friends with AND just because I KNOW Bishop Abbott's personality and for him to say that about ANYONE is a VERY HIGH COMPLIMENT!!! That was just AWESOME!!!
The outfit I wore for my mom, she would have LOVED IT!!!
Seriously,  it was a MOM OUTFIT through and through!!!!
Thank you to All my out of state friends that either drove in or flew in, specifically just for my mom's service!!! Jen Connell, Joe and Anali Velez and Bro. Kifle! These friends didn't even personally know my mom, they just came to support me and that really meant a lot to me!!! I know I've said it like a million times BUUUUUUT thank you guys, your the best!!! Purrrrrrrrr!!!
And also thank you to all my AZ friends that also took the time to come and support me, that meant just as much to me as well and it really stood out to me that you came!!!
Annnnnnnd the church was packed out!!!
sooooooooo many lives that my mom touched!!! She truly was an AMAZING WOMAN!!! I'm so blessed to get to call her MOM!!! Thank you God for giving her to me!!!
Annnnnd after the service was over and before we ate, we passed out 62 purple and lavender balloons and you could write a message on them and then we sent them all up to her!!! I LOVED THAT MOMENT!!! It was so cool looking at them all flying!!!
♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. More pics to come as they're sent to me and i'll talk about the service more to come and  i'll eventually post her eulogy and stuff too!!!