Wednesday, February 10, 2016

West Coast 2015!!!

West Coast!!!! Who's ready to hear about the rest of this trip??? Sooooooo Hanna and I headed to Starbucks before we left...OF COURSE!!! LOL
Then Hanna started listening to her audio book and I was trying to take a nap but you can see that since I'm taking a SELFIE of my self "Sleeping", obviously I was not to successful with that!!! LOL
Hanna's GPS took us ALL OVER THE PLACE off the paved road to some crazy back road in the middle of NO WHERE!!! Buuuuuuuut it got us there!!! LOL
By the time we got there we were SUPERRRR LATE, so Hanna and I RUSHED to check into our room and we got ready in like 8 minutes!!! LOL You don't gotta do much to look good when your ME AND HANNA!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! ;))))
Annnnnd WHO so you all think got the
 award for making A MESS THE FASTEST???
You are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!! Hee, hee!!!
Did all that in about five minutes flat, what can I say, its just one of my MANY TALENTS!!! :))))
Then check this out...
Jen and Hanna just HAPPENED TO MATCH in the exact dress!!! They had NO IDEA the other was going to wear that...I guess that's why they're kindreds, I wouldn't be surprised if Anali was over there in Roswell wearing the same dress!!! Bahahahaha!!!
#Vanillabeauty #Chocolatebeauty
Then Nicole and I almost matched exactly as well in colors,
we were both even wearing black pleated skirts!!!

Then after church we all made our traditional rounds
 to CHEESECAKE FACTORY after church!!!
It was supposed to be a reunion of the Cortez family from Heritage...buuuuut the family kind of enlarged itself!!!! LOL!!! Its all good, that's how we roll when your in the family of God!!! :)))
Coco Bro. Kifle ordered a Chicken Ceaser salad, he said BECAUSE he was going back to his roots, HE LIKES TO HUNT FOR HIS CHICKEN!!! AHAHAHA!!! That was pretty funnnnnyyyy!!!
I split MY FAVORITE with Hanna, the Bang-bang chicken!!! Mmmmmmm... YUMMMMMY its sooooooooooo gooooooooooood!!!!
Stephanie was like, Um Mary, don't you think that maybe you should have taken the picture of it when it was still beautifully laid out on the plate and not split up all over the place??? YEAH PROBABLEY!!! LOL
 Stephanie and her beautiful navy blue fur jacket...I think I asked her like 20 times WHAT COLOR IT WAS??? I kept forgetting!!! LOL buuuuut now I remember!!!
Cherie and Bethany...Beth, I'm still trying to get over the fact that you WAIT every year to get MUSHROOM SOUP at Cheesecake mind is still trying o fathom that...LOLOLOL!!!!
OMW!!! This girrrrrl...I met her quite a few  years ago at Youth Alive, she gave our youth group brownies that her mom had made, and every year I forget her name...ANNNNNND I did again!!! Sorry...I just refer to you as BROWNIE GIRL!!! LOL
Me and the beautiful Mrs. Ramos!!!
Loooooove this girl!!! We actually originally met at Youth Alive as well, AFTER she almost ran me over...AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Me and Eliana and Chloee!!! Awwwwwww!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnd we ate at our traditional Tokyo Steakhouse....
Yuuuuuuuummmmmm....Its soooooooooo GOOOOOOOOOOD!!!
My favorite is their fried rice with spicy mayo...
Mmmmmmmmm annnnnnnnd DOUBLE YUMMMMM!!!!
These were sooooooo goooooood!!!! Such a great idea!!!
Sis. Thaler SINGING!!! She sang, "The Blood" it was AWESOME!!! She has such and amazing voice and sings with such anointing...
It was funnnnny when they called her up to sing cuz they were like, Sis. Thaler, and I was like, that sounds vaguely familiar, than she got up there and I was like, OMW!!! THATS KENDRA!!! It was such a proud friend moment in my life, I just wanted to stand up and say, I KNOW THAT GIRRRRRL...We're FRIENDS!!!
MIA and Emmelyn...
Had so much fun with these girls...
Emmelyn, theres NO ONE quite like her...She has literally NEVERRRR met a stranger!!!
MIA looking so beautiful with her hair done up all pretty like!!!
Me and my Hanna Banana!!!
I LOVED HER OUTFIT!!!  Sooooooo cute!!!
Goooooood times with my frienderrrrrs!!!
Awwwwwwww, they're BESTIES!!!
 Emmelyn, had everyone playing hand-clapping games, she even got Stultz to play with her!!!
Supposedly this was supposed to be a well known resturaunt in Fresno...It wasn't really my thang if ya know what I mean...LOL!!!
Plus I was kinda weirded out over the fact that they call themselves "Sheperd's Inn" and they are well known for their lamb!!! What Kind of sheperd's ARE THESE??? (Sounds like the false prophet ones!)
Me and the lil baby-bear Simon...He soooooo loves being with his Auntie Mary...cant  you tell??? Hee, hee????
LOOOK AT HIM!!!! He just looks ADORABLE!!! I gave him this lil bear hat for a present...I think it was his BIRTH present...I told Aunt Mary is like that, expect to get birthday presents about a month before his ACTUAL birthday every year!!! and he LIKED IT!!! LIke he ACTUALLY LIKED THAT HAT!!! Isn't that sooooo CUUUUUUTE!!!
Me and Hanna at the youth thing...Myfavorite wouldn't believe HOW MANY guys felt the need to POINT OUT that I was wearing GOLD...I was like, WOW, Pastor Abbott is REALLY looking different these days...AHEM!! LOL
OH YEAH, sooooooooooo did I tell you all that I got to go to the YOUTH NIGHT this year??? Special thanks to Bro. Andrew Klann!!! He got special permission for me to...I sooooo OWE HIM!!!! That's that, Golden Retriever, puppy dog, HEART OF GOLD!!!
At the youth night hanging out with friends...
 Brittany and Eddie photo-bombing, the two little love birds...LOLOLOL!!! Oh yeah soooooo, Jen Connell had this HILARIOUS DREAM, that we were all at their wedding and when Brittany threw the Bouquet I caught it, and sooooo we're all like cheering, annnnnnnd THEN the next thing she knew I was holding the bouquet I caught AND WEARING A WEDDING DRESS!!! AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!! Yup people, I keep wedding dresses with me for JUST THESE SPECIAL OCCASIONS!! Btw: Jen, was there a MAN that caught something as well in this dream????
Me and Miss Mallory!!!
Hanging out with all these girls...Do I look tired???? LOL
Adam and Elizabeth, this is like seriously THE CUTEST COUPLE EVERRRR!!! They told us their love story and it was superrrr sweet!!! They waited on God, it didn't look like they would EVERRRR be able to get together, they obeyed their pastor's, kept waiting, their was NEVERRR anyone else for them, they kept obeying, KEPT WAITING, KEPT OBEYING, KEPT WAITING...annnnnnnnnnd VOILA....THEY'RE MARRIED!!! FINALLY!!! Awwwwwwwww!!!
 Btw: I think I was supposed to get Elizabeth's email or phone number to text...
My heart...Awwww...well this and the food court at the zoo was my highlight of the expedition...

I'm NOT really a ZOO person!!! I was slightly disappointed that we didn't go to the National Park we were supposed to go to instead...I LOOOOOVE God's beauty in nature!!!
The WHOLE group of us!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnnnd people say I DoN"t know how to drive??? That's Bro. Andrew and HIS amazing parking job...AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
That night we got home and Sis. Kifle had more Ethiopian food for was sooooooooo YUMMMMM!!! You know what, I really want some RIGHT NOW!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd we sat around talking with Sis. Kifle til waaaaaay late that night!!! She was telling us all kinds of stories it was HILARIOUS and soooo much funnnnn!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnd here we are, OFF TO THE AIRPORT...
soooooooooo SAD!!! Waaaah!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd one last stop at Peets...
I didn't think I'd be having Peets again anytime soon...buuuuuuuut surprisingly, THE HOSPITAL my mom is at has one...soooooooooo weird!!! LOL Pretty sure I would rather have NOT had to find out!!! Buuuuuut yup, I get to pretend i'm in Calli...Hee, hee!!! Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd that my friends, sums it up for...
 WEST COAST 2015!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)