Saturday, March 5, 2016

End if the week thankfulness!!!

Weeeeeeeeeelllll we can ALWAYS thank God for Cheesecake Factory, RIGHT??? Yes, WE CAN!!! Is there an amen i'm hearing anywhere in the house today???
Went there last Sunday for lunch with Joe and Anali and a few others from church!!! MY recommendation IS, the Bang-bang chicken ANNNNND the Mango-keylime cheesecake, not only is it awesome tasting, its very bright and cheerful looking as well!!! :)))
THEeen on Monday or Tuesday, can't remember the exact day,
 I went annnnnnnnd
PAID OFF MY CAR LOAN!!!!!!!!!!!!
Isn't that like, THE COOLEST THING EVERRRRR?!?!?!
Annnnnnnnnnnd I'm thankful I'll get to see my mom one day in heaven...
Letter from my nephew to Grandma!!!
I'm thankful that God's hand was on my brother John and his family!!! They woke up in the middle of the night one day this past week to the smell of smoke!!! It led them to the laundry room where they found smoke coming from the drier. After 911 came and hosed everything down, they said that if they hadn't woken up, the whole house could have taken to fire!!!
I got TWO refunds on my Starbucks card...YAAAAAAYYYY!!!
Annnnnnnnnnd I'm thankful that on Wednesday, I got a free Strawberry peach Ice tea from Dutch Brothers!! Might not seem like a HUGE thing, buuuuuut it did cheer me up at the moment!!!
I'm thankful that I didn't run out of gas yesterday!!! I have this HUGE problem with FORGETTING to fill up...and then I try to wait till I 'm at the CHEAPEST gas station and YEAH,  was like, IF I run out of gas in Glendale, My family is NOT gonna be cool with this!!!
I'm a sneaker girl, and I NEEDED NEW SNEAKERS...annnnnnnnnnnd...
God blessed me with these BEAUTIFUL, BRIGHT PINK, GIRLY-GIRL SNEAKERS!!! I modeled them for my brother and he said he had already seen them when he was driving a block away!!! LOL!
Only $26!!! Did I mention that they're PINK??? God cares about the little things!!! He really does!!!
♥Mary Frances :)