Monday, March 28, 2016

Joseph's RULE!!!

Sooooooooooo as I've been telling you all, my brother John and I made homemade ravioli for Easter, annnnnnnnnd they were soooooooooo GOOD, anyway, it just sooooooooo happens that my nephew Joseph LOOOOOOVES ravioli!!!
So yesterday he a plate full of them, and let me tell you, FOR JOSEPH to actually eat that much is a BIG DEAL, he's NOT a big eater!!! So then his mom comes outside and is like, Joseph, did you eat that ravioli that  you dropped on the floor earlier? (Apparently, she had been looking for it to clean up) Joseph was like, YUP, I sure did!!!! Soooooooo we all started laughing!!! And i'm like, YEAH, that's MY BOY!!! Cuz I DESPISE when THE FOOD I MAKE GETS WASTED...I don't care if its store bought, BUUUUUUT IF I MADE IT WITH MY HANDS...yeah...
So we're all laughing and Joseph says, well the reason why I ate it is because I have a rule about ravioli!!! We're like, a RULE????

He says yes, a RULE!!! It's,
That's a very ITALIAN rule!!! I like  LOVE it!!!
♥Mary Frances :)