Monday, April 11, 2016


Sooooooooo yesterday, we went to pick up the kids for church and we get to the apartments and I see one of the kids mom's standing my their car with all this piles of stuff...bins, baskets, buckets, suitcases, boxes, ALL FILLED with their belongings! I was thinking like, oh WOW they're MOVING, how sad I'm gonna miss them!!!
So as I'm walk to one of the kids homes to get them I pass this mom an I'm all like to her, MOVING?!?! She looks at me kind of befuddled so I point to all the stuff and then she says,
OH NO...
AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That seriously cracked me up!!! I mean, I have seen HUGE piles of laundry before buuuuut this really took the cake!!! Heeeeeeey, BE THANKFUL FOR YOUR WASH MACHINE PEOPLE....
♥Mary Frances :)