Sunday, May 8, 2016

Thank you mom...

Happy Mother's day to my beautiful, beautiful mom!!! This is my favorite picture of you, you were never fancy, just simple, but beautiful!

Mommy, I miss you so much! Words can't express it, there is a hole in my heart that will forever belong to you! You were my best friend, my protector, my teacher, my cheerleader, my encourager, my hero!!!
Lets not forget, MY BIGGEST FAN!!!
In your eyes, no one could write better than your daughter. I remember you arguing with someone that I was a better writer than some well known, established writer in Pentecost..."I don't care WHO they are or what their last name is, that doesn't make them a better writer than you!" WOW MOM, WOW!!! LOL The ONLY THING you NEVER BELIEVED IN ME FOR WAS MY DRIVING...and now look at me Mom, four years into driving and I have NO IDEA WHY YOU WERE SOOOO WORRIED ABOUT IT!!!;)))
Mom, I remember how you would NEVERRRR put any Christian bumper stickers on your car, BECAUSE, you didn't want to be a bad witness for Jesus when you gave other drivers THE LOSER SIGN for their bad driving skills!!!! Only YOU MOM, ONLY YOU!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!
Mom, I remember when someone threw a rock through our brother's car window, you asked the police if they could dust the rock they threw the window, for fingerprints and when they said no, you said, WELL THEY COULD IN THE HARDY BOYS!!!
Its weird how we are so different, yet in some ways so alike...You were always simple in your dress, we all know I love fancy, yet I remember when you told me that the flowers I always wear in my hair I got from you, you used to do the same thing! We are both out going, yet I could never take charge of a large group like you could, Ahem, for example, a few weeks ago they left me for ten minutes with the Bible class to play a game with the kids, it was OUT OF CONTROL MOM, the game turned into a mosh pit, I couldn't scream loud enough to get control of them, yet all you had to do was those BUG EYES, We both knew we were all that and a bag of chips, We're both creative but in completely different ways, I cant draw a decent looking stick figure, you could turn an oatmeal box into a masterpiece of art, mine just looks like an OATMEAL BOX, my creativity is through stories and words and cute clothes, hee, hee!!!
I remember all the family trips you took us on growing up, you scrimped and saved and took us everywhere you could...
And look at you mom, your kidneys were failing you and you still died with only a few gray hairs and no wrinkles, your so beautiful...
ANNNNNNNNNNNNNND of course we all know the worlds greatest cook!!!

Yes, REALLY, all that food at one big family dinner...WOW!!!

We all miss you SOOOOOOOO MUCH MOM!!! Thank you for everything you taught me, thank you for everything you sacrificed, thank you for telling me about Jesus!!! Thank you for instilling in me the value, the worth, the treasure of motherhood, because of YOU, its still my greatest dream in this life to achieve motherhood!!! I love you mom, I LOVE YOU!!! Purrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)