Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Actually, she's MY...

Sooooooo a few weeks ago, On THE BUSIEST part of the 101 freeway, I got a flat tire after picking up kids and on our way to church. Well AAA was called and my sister also came and pulled up in front of me but it was quite a ways away from my car. So when the guys from AAA came, they said that they thought it was to dangerous for the kids to walk by themselves to my sisters van, but the shoulder that I had pulled over on was to narrow for us to all walk together at one time, so they said that they would take one child at a time and walk them to my sister's van.
So they start doing this and they guys were so kind to the kids and when they started doing it, they picked up one of the little girls and was like, don't worry, I'm just going to walk you up there and then your mommy will be there soon too. (Now this little girl is very chocolatey and as you all know, i'm very vanillaish, sooooo I'm assuming he that they were adopted!!!) So the little girl looks at him and is like, ACTUALLY, she's not my mom,
Looooong pause to think about it and she goes, she's ACTUALLY MY...
The guy just like, THE MOST CONFUSED look ever on his face and then was like, OH, OK!!! And he continues to carry her to my sister's van!!! Of course I didn't bother to correct it, I figure, LET HIM TRY AND FIGURE OUT THAT ONE FOR A WHILE!!! It'll be something to tell his friends about!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
♥Mary Frances :)