Tuesday, May 31, 2016

All I need!!

I read this and started laughing because I have a funny little story that happened with me and a can of Dr. Pepper. Sooooooo one afternoon a few years ago, I was at the churching backing these little mini chocolate donuts for something that I was going on at the church, I can't remember exactly what. Anywayz, I had all of my ingredients with me and I'm putting everything in the mixing bowl and as I'm reading the recipe, I actually realized that I didn't have any milk with me. I'm thinking like, GO TO THE STORE to BUY MILK??? "AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!!" hmmmmm...WHAT can I do to make up for the milk???
Soooooooooooo I open the fridge and low and behold I see that there is cans of soda in the fridge that the youth are selling...PERFECT!!! I grab a can of Dr. Pepper, measure the liquid amount that is calling for milk, and pour the Dr. Pepper right into my chocolate donut mixture!!! I mix it up and BAM, it worked out perfectly I now bake them and then ice them!!!
So later on when everyone is eating my lil donuts and saying how good they were, I was nonchalantly like, Oh good, I didn't have any milk so I just substituted Dr. Pepper instead!!! Everyone was like, WHAAAAAAAAAAT??? The recipe called for MILK and you substituted it for DR. PEPPER??? I was like yeah! And everyone just started laughing...ONLY you would go from MILK to Dr. Pepper...I just shrugged my shoulders, It makes perfect sense to me...Annnnd to be honest, IT STILL DOES!!! Sometimes you just gotta USE WHATCHA GOT!!! Remember that folks if your ever out of milk...No need to waste time going to the store!!! It's true people, ALL YOU NEED IS A LITTLE DR. PEPPER AND A WHOLE LOT OF JESUS!!! Hee, hee!!! ;)))
Mary Frances :)