Wednesday, June 8, 2016

I like Coconut...

Soooooooo last week at A Mountain Apart Camp in New Mexico, we had a WONDERFUL time, in which I will write more about in another post, buuuuut there was a funny moment that happened one morning at breakfast that I wanted to share with you all!!!
So we're sitting there at breakfast and I think it was Rocky and Emily that were talking about how good the chocolate almond milk was at the camp. So Joe says, well I really like, Coconut milk! Then Daisy says, Well I really like Coconut water, NOT wanting to be left out of this amazing Coconut conversation, I just shrug my shoulders and say,
Of course we all then laughed!!! Heeeeeeyyy, I think that fit right in with the convo!!! Annnnnd plus they served it the first dinner at the camp...a few poor souls missed out on it, buuuuuuut it was YUMMMMM!!!
I LIKEY some coconut!!!

♥Mary Frances :)