Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My dream vacation!!!

Soooooooo now its time for my DREAM VACATION!!! Last we did MY DREAM PROPOSAL, now my dream vacation!!! My dream vacation is...
I'm not to sure WHY this is my dream vacation, I just know that it IS!!! Maybe its cuz my mom talks about doing this with her family as a little girl...
Maybe its because I LOVE doing Unplanned things, adventures, and while yes I want to travel the world, there is SO MANY AMAZING THINGS, right here, in my home country that I have never even seen yet!!!

Annnnnnnnnnd of course we can't forget the ice chest of food and drinks, you know, THE ONES mom ALWAYS packs so that you don't have to stop and buy food...

But those bologna and mayo sandwiches get pulled out after about 20 minutes on the road...WEEEEELLLLL at least with THE GINTY'S THEY DID!!! Oh yeah,,,,HEEEEEEEYYYY!!!!

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd I have sooooo many fond memories of our family on the road, like the time we had NO AC and we were driving through like YUMA in 125 degree weather, I remember being sooooooooooo HOT, we stopped at a grocery store and I proceeded to dump my clothes in the ladies room sink then walked out of the store with dripping wet clothes, buuuuuuuuuut IT DID COOL ME OFF!!! AHAHAHA!!! ALSO, this would be the same trip that my big sis T just could NOT stand the heat and she screams out to heaven, OH GOD JUST TAKE ME NOW!!! It was silent for like then seconds then my younger brother John proceeded to start choking her which ended up in a HUGE fight, buuuuuut when John was asked WHY he even started it he said, YOU SAID OH GOD JUST TAKE ME, SOOOOOOOOOO I WAS JUST HELPING GOD OUT!!! BAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
or the time we had a flat and my mom and the boys were trying to change it, I think I was busy trying to get truck drivers to honk as they drove by, and my brother accidentally let the tire roll down the embankment on the side of the road and it broke through the bob wire and kept rolling!!! AHAHAHAH!!! Good times, GOOD TIMES!!!
YES, a road trip across country, with MY SEVEN future kids and the hubby is DEFINITLY MY DREAM VACATION!!! :))))
♥Mary Frances :)