Thursday, June 16, 2016

Letter from mom!!!

Soooooooooo last week was kind of a hard week for me with missing my mom, its just like that, some weeks are harder than others and last week was especially hard. And I prayed about it and asked God for specific help...
Annnnnnnd LO AND BEHOLD, last Friday night when I came home from a babysitting job, there was an envelope laying on my bed with my name written on it...IT WAS...A letter FROM MY MOM!!! 💌

Annnnnnd NO, she did NOT write me a letter from heaven, LOL, It was written in 2008!!! Buuuuuuuuut we never knew about them and she never told us that she had written them and they mysteriously showed up on her bed amongst some other papers, sealed and waiting for us!!!
The letter was exactly what I needed at that very moment!!! She told me I was her butterfly, (She always said that about me, EVEN THO I won't let a butterfly ACTUALLY touch me, cuz they're a BUG!!!) She said I was her baby for a little while and that I always loved playing with my baby dolls, then I became her middle child AND I STILL liked playing with my baby dolls. She told me to never stop walking in this truth, and that she admired my love for people and she ended it by saying to never stop bringing in the harvest, God is always looking for laborers.
The letter was on point and exactly what I needed!!! I'm sooooo thankful for a God that looks out for His children. None of us know WHEN or HOW those letters got on my mom's bed, for we have been in there many times since she died and there was never any letters on her bed, but the other day my sister found them!!! I just imagine God hearing my prayer, going in there. digging through my mom's stuff and laying them on her bed for us. It was a blessing that I will treasure forever and something I will reread in for future encouragement!!! Thank you JESUS!!!! Purrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
♥Mary Frances :)