Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Heritage 2016 (Part 1)

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaay my friends, here we go HERITAGE 2016 PART 1!!! Have you all been waiting for this??? The reason WHY I ask is because pretty much everyday since Heritage I have had OVER 1,200 hits on my blog...that is SOOOO ODD!!! I can't figure out WHY!!! The only conclusion I came to is because you all wanna read about Heritage!!! LOL
Soooooooooooooo we left home at about 4:30 am... I never went to sleep that night, to much to do and sooooo NOT even tired and totally hyperrrr!!! Soooooo in the van It was MJ in the very back, then my sis T, Renee, Stultz driving and then ME...I was slipping into the passenger seat when all the stuff in my purse started to fall out, I was trying to discreetly shove stuff back in when I hear my sister say, Okaaaaaaaaaaay, WHY DO YOU HAVE A SQUIRT GUN IN YOUR PURSE???
I was like, ummmm just BECAUSE... Stultz just looks at me, I'm like, I just wanted it in case...LOLOL...I mean seriously, some Apostolic girls carry eye lash curlers in their purses, I carry squirt guns, some people carry guns for protection, I carry squirt guns...FOR PAY BACKS!!! ;) *Evil Dr. Blackard laugh: Bwahahahahaha!!!
Anywayz, we then began to drive and I decided to start asking important questions, Like, isn't annoying for you men to have to SIT on your wallets all the time??? Annnnnnd isn't it so neat that trees provide shade??? (Actually I think that may have been AMA) They thought that was very random...I was like, I don't see how...We're driving by TREES!!! AHAHAHA!!!! Soooo then I was like, I can keep talking till I actually get tired and fall asleep, OR I can put it an Audio story??? I'm addicted to LAMPLIGHTERS almost as much as AIO!!! Everyone, was like, AUDIO STORY!!! Wow people, don't hold back on how you feel...I mean REALLY!!!
Anywayz, this picture of this honey crossaint FROM CHEDDARS is pretty much the only pic I have as a reminder of our drive there!!! Amazing resturaunt I must all have GOT TO TRY IT...better than even...Shhhh...CRACKER BARREL...*GASP...buuuut then again Cracker Barrel also has shopping...buuuut Cheddars is not quite up there with CHEESECAKE FACTORY!!!
Anywayz, we had this really good lunch and then when it was time to leave Stultz went out about five minutes before us to call his mom annnnnnd gooooood thing to cuz he witnessed some teenagers in a HUGE Tahoe side swipe my sister's van as they pulled in next to her. They had ABSOLUTELY no clue that they had done this, sooooo Stultz very politely approached them about this...the girl had THE WORLD'S BIGGEST ATTITUDE...OMW...I even tried to reassure the kid that it was ok, I'm like, ya know, accidents happen, I rearended him once, I said pointing to Stultz...LOL...the guy kind of smiled, his sister just huffed and rolled her eyes...LOL..Anywayz, after about an hr of discussion and attitude, they finally decided to call their parents, after some discussion with them, the dad said lets line this up and see how it matches...
PERFECT match, the front of their fender to the dent they made in the back of my sister's...sooooo the dad agreed to give his insurance, and then at the end he basically said, you know I didn't really know what to think but when I pulled up and saw you guys, I thought, they look like good people!!! I was like, Awwwwww-WITNESS!!! Anywayz, they had been saying that they weren't from this part of New Mexico that we were at at this time, they kept saying Southern New Mexico...weeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllll it turns out that they live in of ALL PLACES...ROSWELL!!! In Jesus name....I think Joe is going to go invite them to church...when he looked at the address he even knew right where it was!!! God is HIS WAY...LOL...GOD IS WORKING!!!
Anywayz, we got to Colorado Springs at 10:30 PM instead of the original plan of 6:30 pm!!!
We got up early the next morning and we all went to MY CHOICE for our breakfast place...
Soooooooooooo we literally ended up being here for quite a few hours!!! Its such a NEAT place to go eat's LITERALLY an OLD SCHOOL turned into a BAKERY!!!
Allana, ME, Hanna, Malu, Kalai, Bro. Curry, Malaki, Nathaniel, Aaron, Mesgana, lil Schreck, Stultz
This is the main group we ended up being with MOST of the trip!!! The Schreckhises, The Curry's, The Kifle's, Me, Stultz, Aaron, annnnnd then when not with them, also Denae Abbott, the Roswell peeps...THE VELEZ's ALL A MILLION OF THEM LOL!!! And when we all ran into each other of course all the Cali peeps, The Klanns, The Marchbanks, The Dearo's and Wendy, The Wakfields
Sooooooooooo I pretty much freaked out cuz my Key lime bar had THE CUUUUUUUUTEST lil doily under it!!!!! Isn't it soooooooo CUTE????
I thought this sign was know with the whole school theme going on...
I was thinking in my head, I do NOT need to leave a tip then! I do NOT need to leave a tip then! I do NOT need to leave a tip then! I do NOT need to leave a tip then! I do NOT need to leave a tip then! I do NOT need to leave a tip then! I do NOT need to leave a tip then! I do NOT need to leave a tip then! I do NOT need to leave a tip then! I do NOT need to leave a tip then! I do NOT need to leave a tip then! I do NOT need to leave a tip then! I do NOT need to leave a tip then! BAHAHAHA!!! Jk...I left a GOOD TIP!!! Hee, hee!!!  
This is what I got!!! it was sooooooooooooo GOOD!!! A breakfast sandwich on a flaky crossiant, it had this herb butter on it and this pepper was SOOOOOO GOOD!!!
Lavender woulda been good buuuuut waaaaaaaaay to concentrated, I can't do my drinks THAT SOUR!!! I added water to it tho and it was PERFECT!!!!
I'm not to sure how Hanna felt about her omlet...shes not a cheese fan and it was SMOTHERED in it...Ooooops...LOL!!!!
Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay soooooooooo The bathroom here is just like a school bathroom, you can write on the walls and EVERYTHING!!! Soooooooo of course I did!!!
This message someone left cracked me up, it was this HUGE writing about how your NOT FAT, YOUR BEAUTIFUL!!! I took a picture with it!!! LOL Then I was thinking I shoulda written back and said, just cuz I'm fat, DOES NOT MEAN I"M NOT BEAUTIFUL!!!
There was this little shop with really funky stuff, the name of it was "THE PRINCIPALS OFFICE" lol!!! There were A LOT of Maryish things in it, buuuuuuuut, the prices were NOT Maryish!!! LOL
Were were all just having a blast...we couldn't stop taking pictures...they guys were our photographers!!! LOL

I was like, Awwww , IF HANNA WAS A FAIRY!!!
I just thought this was pretty, I love the style of the homes...and flowers...I especially love flower boxes under the windows!!!
Having MORE fun!!!
Mesgana, showing his SKILLS!!! Actually this is him jumping off cuz the big sis had NOTICED him walking the railway...LOL
Annnnnnnnnnnd NOW here we are at...

Sooooooooo I think the most fitting characters, is Aaron as THE DOG...Look at the tongue...BAHAHA!!! Stultz As Whit...and Me as Connie...He says I remind him of Connie, which I thought was INTERESTING considering the fact that he has ALSO told me several times that he thinks Connie is slightly ANNOYING!!! When I asked him about this he said that i'm the "Non-annoying" version of Connie...Hmmmmm....
Whit's End:
The guys acting out AIO was quite epic!!!
The audience...that chubby kid in the front row was CRAZY...LOL
This was my favorite scene, Mesgana and Malaki were acting out from the show where Wooton is in the play with Shakespere and he can't remember his line which is, "Pardon me, can you repeat that?" Then at the end, Malaki, who was playing Wooton, instead of Saying, "Hi Mrs. Randolph!" he says, "Hi Malu!" (Which is his sis!) It was soooo FUNNY!!! 
Mesgana experiances a WODFAMCHOCSOD!!!!
We had such a blast!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnnd a picture in THE IMAGINATION STATION!!!

More photography for the guys....LOL!!!
Then it was TIME FOR CHURCH!!!
After church we went to THE WAFFLE HOUSE!!!
Annnnnnnnd I've never been to waffle house before...Denae suggested it, she said they go there all the time when they are traveling, and it was SOOOOOO GOOD!!! Get the chicken biscuit and PB waffles my friends!!! Btw: The chicken biscuit isn't on the menu so you have to ask for it, I only knew about it cuz of Denae...LOL (And you can ALWAYS find Denae's music on iTunes under A Joyful Sound...leave her a good review as well)
Having a grand old time!!!
Allana and I matched...Awwwww!!!!
Sooooooooo that's the first DAYISH...Church was AWESOME...buuuuut all do a church post for all the services TOMORROW...Then the second half of the social part...Remember all the resturaunts are linked and so are a lot of other things so have fun exploring all those things, pass this post on to your friends and feel free to email me more pics and stuff!!! See you all tomorrow for MORE...
HERITAGE 2016!!!
♥Mary Frances :)