Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Looking from ABOVE!!!

I LOVE being on the airplane and just looking at the clouds...it just totally awwws ME!!! Like they are just like right there...sooo close to you that you just want to reach out and touch the fluffy things!!!

And the weirderst thing is when you have flown up SOOOOO high in the airplane and you look out the window and the clouds are BENEATH YOU!!! Its soooo cRaZy!!! To think that these things, that usually are soooo high up and out of your reach are actually NOW UNDER YOU!!!

Buuuuut it gets even cRaZiEr because you flying higher and higher up and at one point I looked out and the clouds were sooooo FAR below me that they looked like they were just floating on top of the ocean!!! I was like NOW WAY!!! I mean, know how much higher they are than the ocean. I have stood many a times at the ocean and looked up...waaaaay...waaaay...WAAAAAAY up into the sky and seen the clouds up on high...BUUUUT NOW here I was flying...up soooo HIGH ABOVE the clouds that THEY looked EXTREMELY close to the ocean!!! In fact, they were WAAAAAY closer to the ocean than they were to me anymore!!!

AND I got to thinkin that, I BET that must be the way God sees things. There are times in our lives that our hopes and dreams seem sooooooo FAR ABOVE US!!! They seem way out of our reach...like we would never be able to get to them. BUT, thats not the way God sees it!!! He just looks down and the things that WE think are soooo far out of our reach...God sees how close they really are to us!!!
Don't give up my friends!!!!
 Whateverrr it is that your WANTING...a job, a better job, a house, a degree, schooling, where to live, a best friend, a sibling, citizenship,  a baby, adoption, a healing, ministry, A SPOUSE...hahaHa...a lost loved one to be saved...or just direction for your future, WHATEVERRR it is don't give up!!! Just keep waiting on God...It may SEEM FAR...but from God's view its CLOSE...way, way closer than you think!!!
"But if we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it."
(Romans 8:25)
 ♥Mary Frances :)