Monday, August 29, 2016

My Hospital Stay!!!

Sooooooooooo I went in for my surgery this past Thursday, August 25th. I had to check in at 10 am, once I signed in they told me to just wait for them to come get me in the lobby. Soooooooo would you all be surprised if I told you that WHEN they found me I was WINDOW SHOPPING in the gift shop..hee, hee!!! ;))))
Then they escorted me upstairs and more check in and they waiting, waiting, waiting, WAITING!!!

FINALLY they called me BACK to the pre operating place and I was SOOOOOO EXCITED about putting on that hospital gown!!! No really, I WAS, because THIS MEANT that the party was GETTING STARTED!!! Woot, woot!!!
Annnnnnnnnd once I looked at myself I realized that I really didn't look half as bad as I thought I would in the gown, I mean, I actually think I look pretty good in yellow!!!

Weeeeeeeeeeelllll there I am waiting and waiting NOW in the pre-op room, no one is coming for me, finally five til 12, 1 I pushed my lil red button, someone comes and is like, Oh honey do you need to use the restroom??? I'm like, Noooooooo, I'm just wondering when theyre going to hook up my IV and stuff cuz my surgery is scheduled to happen in five minutes!!
She's like, OH, let me check!!! LOL Then she came back and said that my surgeon had changed it til 1...for whatever reason...buuuut he soon came in, the nurse gave me my IV, I asked the nurse if there was any way they would let me take my cell phone into the operating room...she said NO! I just really thought it would be cool to try and snap some pics before I got knocked out...then I asked her IF anyone had managed to sneak their phone in yet??? She laughed and said NOT YET!
and soooooon I was being ROLLED!!! Without my cell phone I might add...LOL!!! Annnnd I really like being rolled on a bed, its really fun!!!! Then they rolled me into the operating room and I was trying to take EVERYTHING IN!!! Buuuuuuuuut the next thing I know I was being awakened in recovery by a very rude nurse!!! She was like, How are you feeling? I'm like, It hurts! She's like, WELL YEAH! You just had surgery!!! I'm just like, WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME THEN WOMAN!?!?!?!?! Buuuut I fell asleep before I could say anything! LOL THen she was asking me what I would rate my pain 0 being nothing 10 being the highest, I said 10!!! THen I was out again! It seemed like a few minutes later she was asking me again how I would rate my pain? I was like, 10!!! She's like, WELL IT CAN'T STILL BE A TEN IF I GAVE YOU PAIN MEDICINE!!! I'm thinking, then WHY'D YOU ASK ME??? IT'S MY PAIN YOUR ASKING ABOUT!!!  I mean, I'm like, OUT OF IT YOU GUYS!!! But I'm like, OKAAAAAAAAY a 9 THEN!!! LOL
Then the next nurse came and took over and she was like, SOOOOO NIIIICE!!! She was like, Oh honey your doing sooooo GOOD! And she was showing me all these deep breathing techniques that really helped me!!! Sooooo then I started TALKING!!! (OF COURSE!!!) And I was like, Ooooooh SO I MADE IT THROUGH THE SURGERY!!! She was like, you sure did honey!!! Anywayz, then I started feeling really good and was ready to get up and go for a walk...buuuuut they said I had to wait for 6 hours.
Theeeeeennnn finally it was time to be rolled in my bed to my room!!! I LOOOOVE THAT PART!!! Annnnnd i'm NOT gonna lie, EVERY TIME we rolled by a window I made sure to look at my reflection in it!!! Hee,hee...Oooops!!!
When I got to my room, my nurse and her assistant said they had never had such a bright-eyed and talkative patient just coming in from surgery...LOL THen the Abbotts and Tommy and Kelsey came in and I sat there talking to them all for probably an hour or so... then they left and I was like...
Annnnnnnnnnnnd sooooo my nurse walked around the section with me!!! Then after that, I was walking sooooo good in the morning! They wake you up at 6 am, you have to go for a weigh-in, I had GAINED 8 pounds since the day of surgery...LOL...buuuut that's NORMAL, some people gain MORE!!! Sooooo I wasn't trippin about it!!! THen about mid-morning I started feeling like nautious and PAIN and it was from the gas they pump into you, I had pain meds and went to sleep, but afternoon I was feeling pretty good!!! I went for another walk AND THEN, I got a shoulder massage and a facial, our surgeons PAY FOR was soooooooo NIIIIIICE!!!

Then I had visitors which was cool cuz I was feeling good NOW!!!
Annnnnnnnnd weeeeeelll then it was Saturday,
here I am all ready to GO HOME!!!
I passed out blog cards and told everyone to keep up with my weight loss on my blog and you know, they all loved me on the bariatric floor...buuuuut then again, WE WERE EXPECTING THAT!!! Hee, hee!!! ;)))
I've been home now for two days and I'm doing GREAT!!! Been walking around the block twice in the morning and twice at night!!! Its sooooo weird, I literally have NOT felt hungry since Thursday and even when I eat a sugar-free jello cup I am STUFFED!!! Buuuuut I've been getting in ALL MY WATER, about 90 oz of water the last two days, that's pretty good!!! Tomorrow I go to my Post Op class and we will all eat our FIRST MEAL TOGETHER...YAAAAYYY!!!!
Soooooooo I lost the 8 pounds I gained from surgery and am down ANOTHER WHOLE 7 POUNDS...
I'll keep you all posted from time to time
and try to get back to regular blog posting ASAP!!!
♥Mary Frances :)