Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The End of Heritage 2016!!! (Part 3)

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay soooooooooooooo,
Thursday for Lunch we went to this place called Mint Thai, it was sooooooooooo GOOOOOOOD!!! This is another pick by Hanna and I must say, she is VERY good with finding stuff on YELP!!! And plus we all had so much fun together!!! Daisy and I had several laughing fits about who knows WHAT!!! So then Stultz is like REALLY GOOD at taking large group pictures, so we were saying that he's like the King of GROUPIES!!! And I'm the Queen of selfies and how the next time Stultz preaches its going to be about how its NOT all about your SELFIE, you NEED to include the whole GROUPIE...annnnnnnnnnd then I come running to the alter laying down my cell phone...LOL...Well you had to be there!!! Plus we had a REALLY funny waitress that was just adding to the craziness with her own funny comments!!!
Jen Lord and I, I love Jen! We have our talks, several times a month, here we are catching up during choir practice!!!

Someone getting a ticket from a cute cop...NOT ME...
I wouldn't of been taking a picture otherwise!!! LOL
Friday we went to lunch at a pizza place called Fargos...
I didn't think their food was all that, buuuuuuuuuut we had funnnnn together!!!
And the décor was SUPER cute!!!
Hanna Photobombing my selfie...buuuuuut I LOVE this picture of us!!!
ACTUALLY, I loved this outfit too!!! SOoooooo CUUUUUTE!!!
Melissa Garcia and I!!! I can't believe she's all grown up now!!!
Hanna, Wendy and Ashlyn..annnnnnnnnd CHECK OUT THAT PHOTOBOMBER...I have to say that's a pretty AWESOME PHOTOBOMBING!!! LOLOLOL!!!
Symphony and I...Shes soooo cute!!! Her signature photo pose for me thus far has been sticking out her tongue!!!
Met these two lovely girls from Kansas...
Thanks for reading blog ladies!!! :)))

Friday night we all had a BLAST at Perkins, buuuuuuuuuuuuut no pics!!!! I told a few life stories and we got to meet, THE PENTECOSTAL SANTA CLAUSE!!! LOL (Inside Joke!) Oh ANNNNND THEN when I was talking one time, unbeknownst to ME, the guys decided to COUNT how many times I said, "LIKE" they said 14 times in like 20 seconds...WHATEVERRRR!!!  
Then after that we went back to our hotel, we got there at like 2 AM and Jonathon and Aaron were like, should we go check out the ballroom to see if anyone is still up there??? I was like, I think they said that it closed at 2 am, buuuuut we went up there anyhow and let me tell you something, THE PARTY, was STILL ROLLING in FULL SWING!!!
I finally got MY FIRST, LATTE ART!!!
Starting the LOOOOOOOOONG drive home!!!
I just noticed that Colorado Springs is BEAUTIFUL!!!
My toes talking to Stultz...they were saying turn on the audio story...
He said he don't talk to FEET!!!
I said, YEAH, buuuuuuuut
YOU talk to my PALM
We listened to audio story dramas all the way home!!! I was surprised that Stultz's favorite story was "Jessica's First Prayer" anyway, As we drove Jonathon said that we couldn't listened to "The Haunted Room" till it got dark!!!LOL And it was super cool cuz it was storming in the story while they were driving, THEN it started storming as WE were driving...Buuuuuuuuuuut then my sis and MJ got freaked out when we got the part where the house servant is talking about the "ghosts" LOL
Soooooooooo we listened instead to "The Hiding Place" Which is an ABSOLUTE amazing story!!! I now want to go one day to Holland and visit The Ten Boom's home where they built their secret room...that would be AWESOME!!! Anywayz, we listened to that story til we literally GOT HOME!!! ALL In all it was an AWESOME TRIP!!!
Can't wait for Heritage 2017!!!
♥Mary Frances :)