Thursday, August 18, 2016


Sooooooo as you all know, if you've been a FAITHFUL reader of my blog, that I have ALWAYS dreamed of being a REDHEAD!!! Why??? Because its so bright and so UNCOMMON...bright and rare, what I LIKE!!! So i'm always holding my hair up in the light and asking people IF they think it may have a slight reddish tint to it??? Everyone is always just like, OK MARY, whateverrrr...
Well the other day I was watching my friend's son and I was like, IS his hair RED??? She's like, Oh YES! I'm like, AW THATS COOL!!! Then I sighed and said, YOU KNOW, I've ALWAYS wanted to be a REDHEAD!!! She was like, well ACTUALLY, your hair KIND OF IS, when its in the light or the sun! I was like,...
Someone has FINALLY NOTICED my
♥Mary Frances :)